The Minnesota Vikings Are Placing Their Faith In The Wrong QB.

Brandon SkatesContributor IJune 19, 2010

GLENDALE, AZ - DECEMBER 6:  Quarterbacks  Brett Favre #4, Sage Rosenfels #2 and Tarvaris Jackson #7 of the Minnesota Vikings walk through the tunnel before the game against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium on December 6, 2009 in Glendale, Arizona.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Let's get this out of the way during the first paragraph.  The media, and not the Minnesota Vikings, are unhappy with Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Brett Favre's indecision to commit to the upcoming season thus far, and his apparent desire to skip training camp if/when he does return.  Every player to speak on the issue has supported Favre's eventual return: including Visanthe Shiancoe , Jared Allen , and Kevin Williams , just to name a few. 

However, at a recent mini-camp, the Vikings kept Sage Rosenfels off the field while allowing Tarvaris Jackson, Joe Webb, and R. J. Archer to each get more snaps with the quarterback position.  What exactly has Tarvaris Jackson done in the last year to gain an edge on Rosenfels when it appeared that last year that Rosenfels would be named the starter for the team ?

Has Rosenfels been a problem in the locker room? Or is it simply that his trade value is higher than Tarvaris Jackson's, and the Vikings are determined to get something for one of these players.  Rumor is, both the Houston Texans and the Oakland Raiders have been interested in Rosenfels while no one seems interested in Jackson.

Interestingly enough, it is Tarvaris Jackson who may be becoming a locker room problem.  Just this week , Jackson claimed that he was "not going to be happy" and would be "hurt" if Brett Favre returned, and last year Jackson refused to learn the Wildcat offensive package presumably out of fear of being named a gimmick quarterback.  Jackson does not seem to understand that his role with this team is limited.

This leads to my only concern with Brett Favre coming back.  It appears that last year's loyalty to Jackson may be influencing which player the team believes would be the better back up quarterback this year.  I agree that as a long-term option, Jackson offers more potential than Rosenfels does in part because of his age and in part because of his mobility and arm-strength. 

However, if Favre does in fact return, you have to wonder if Jackson should be the primary backup, especially considering his resentment for how things happened last year.  My suggestion: keep Rosensfels because he can help bridge the gap between Favre and the next starter and trade or release (if necessary) of Jackson upon Favre's return.

Jackson has to realize that this is a win now league, and the roster is built to win now.  Regardless of the steps he has taken in his development, he is not yet ready to lead this team, and his negative attitude will likely lead to him never being the starter here again.