5 Things I Would Do If I Was The Seahawks GM

Justin PetersonCorrespondent IJune 17, 2010

If I was the GM of the Seahawks here are the top 5 things I would do.

  1. Cut Deion Branch.  This is probably Ruskells 2nd biggest blunder when he was with the Seahawks.  We gave up a first round pick for Branch, payed him a ton of money and what have the Seahawks gotten in return?  Nothing what they expected when they traded for him.
  2. Sign offensive line coach Alex Gibbs to a contract that ends when he retires.  I think this guy is going to work his magic with the line this year.  He has a proven track record of turning offensive lines around quickly. Since the Seahawks are rebuilding this unit why not have one the NFL's best coaches stay the course until Gibbs calls it a career. 
  3. Trade a 4th or 5th round pick to the Bills for Marshawn Lynch.  Pete Carroll loves having a stable of backs so why not add one of the NFL's semi elites?  Lynch is a beast who the Seahawks could use to get those tough yards in the trenches.  Lynch still has plenty left in his tank to help the Seahawks.
  4. Sign Matt Hasselbeck for at least one more year after 2010. I am not ready to hand the controls over to Charlie "never seen you play" Whitehurst after 2010.  Hasselbeck still has the "it" factor and last year was just a train wreck of a season for everybody.  Hasselbeck will come out swinging in 2010 and show he can still be a top 15 QB in the league.
  5. This last move is a stretch, but could make sense.  Trade for New York Jets linebacker Vernon Gholston.  The Jets have all been written this guy off since they drafted him in the first round a few years back.  Gholston could be that guy who could help rush the passer.  Pete Carroll is a defensive master mind and I am sure he could put Gholston in positions to make plays.  At this point I think the Jets would only ask for a 6th or 7th round pick in return for the former Ohio State star. 

Those are the 5 GM moves that I would make.  What would you do if you were the GM of the Seahawks?  Would you keep things as they are right now going into 2010? Or make a few more moves before the season starts?