Why Chris Johnson Will Lose Even After He Gets Paid

Elias TrejoSenior Analyst IIJune 10, 2010

MIAMI - FEBRUARY 5: Running back Chris Johnson #28 of the Tennessee Titans arrives at the Coors Light Super Bowl Bash at the Mansion on February 5, 2010 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)
Scott Boehm/Getty Images

Chris Johnson just ran over 2000 yards in a season and he wants to get paid. He will not show up to any work outs until he is paid like a 2000 yard rusher.

He is currently entering his third year as a pro and is still on his rookie contract which isn't paying him anywhere close to what a top three running back in the league deserves to be paid.

There is no question Johnson will eventually see a raise regardless of whether he holds out or not, but is holding out a mistake?

The only loser in this contract dispute will be Johnson if he continues to holdout.

Anytime a player decides to hold out for more money his public perception takes a hit whether it's right or wrong. He'll be placed in the same group of other holdouts like, Terrell Owens, JaMarcus Russell, and Michael Crabtree.

He'll sign a big contract after his first and possibly only 2000 yard season of his career. No other player in the history of the NFL has rushed for over 2000 yards twice.

Other players have gotten close, but have never achieved it twice in their career. Johnson is asking for a big raise after perhaps the biggest season he'll ever have as a pro.

When you sign a big contract, fans, the media, and every hater that is present at the annual Playa Haters Ball will be watching him like a hawk.

While a big contract gets you paid, it also bring on a curse and unwanted attention from some of the most prestigious verbal abusers on the planet.

Every mistake you make, wrong thing you say, or bling that you wear will be subject to criticism.

People that hate the fact that you are getting paid millions to play a sport will always find a way to hate on you. Guys that weren't good enough to play in their local flag football league will call you selfish.

Old players that accomplished more than you have up to this point will be upset that you are getting paid so much when they basically played for free.

You may get your money Chris, and it is well deserved, but when all is said and done you will lose. When you hold out and refuse to come to work, you're only bringing unwanted attention to yourself.

Johnson deserves a raise after what he has done, but not showing up and being a leader will hurt his perception. His teammates understand it is a business, but the average person won't.

Go be with your team and do what you are asked to do. The money will come and so will the unwanted attention.

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