The Baltimore Ravens Fly Under The Purple Haze

Jim ReedContributor IJune 8, 2010

INDIANAPOLIS - JANUARY 16:  Ray Rice #27 of the Baltimore Ravens runs the ball against the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Divisional Playoff Game at Lucas Oli Stadium on January 16, 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

This NFL off-season has been filled with awesome headlines and breaking news. It has to be one of the most exciting off-seasons in recent history. Stories filled with controversy, drama, excitement, happiness, joy and even sadness.

There is news of big name player trades and moves, as in Donovan McNabb to the Redskins. News of players upset with their contracts, as in Chris Johnson, or not upset with their contract, as in DeSean Jackson . You even have a story of a player and his bathroom adventures with Ben Roethlisberger.

But there is one team that, despite making a huge splash in the off-season, is not making any waves. I will give you a hint, it is the only team in the NFL that wears purple and is not concerned if they will have “Mediocre or Marvelous” taking snaps under center come the start of the season.

Yes that team is the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens have been one of the quietest teams this season, even violating their OTA Practice Rules isn’t really getting much notice. People (other than Baltimore fans) seem to forget that they have been missing one small element of their offense for the past few years that could push them over the edge to get to the Superbowl.

That small element is a physical wideout that can make tough catches and get those hard earned YAC.

Oh, that’s right, they got Anquan Boldin in a Pre-Draft Trade. They also picked up Donte Stallworth as a speed guy. 

You mix in these two wideouts with a cup of Joe (Flacco), add in a strong offensive line with a rumble of (Ray) Rice, and A Heap of Todd. With this concoction you have a recipe for a very disgusting goulash or one heck of an explosive offense!

The Ravens' defense, although aging, has been consistently in the top five in the past few years. They have veterans players like Ed Reed and Ray Lewis that have seen every play known to man and they know how to stop them.

It would be very easy for me to say that the Ravens will go deep into the playoffs, but even easier to say that they will win the AFC North.