Kanekoa Texeira Going To Kansas City, Kansas City Here He Comes

Stephen WaldonContributor IJune 4, 2010

PEORIA, AZ - MARCH 05:  Kanekoa Texeira #54 of the Seattle Mariners pitches during a Spring Training game against the San Diego Padres on March 5, 2010 at Peoria Stadium in Peoria, Arizona.  (Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)
Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

The Seattle Mariners decided to waive Kanekoa Texeira, and the Kansas City Royals claimed the right-hander Thursday in an attempt to bolster the bullpen.  I doubt highly that this is the answer, but it can’t be worse than what we have witnessed as Royal fans up to this point.

Texeira was a Rule 5 draft selection by the Mariners from the Yankees last December and he will join the Royals bullpen right away for tonight’s game, and should be a staple there the rest of the season.

Manager Ned Yost said the scouts like him and he liked what he saw of him in spring training.  After calling some of the Mariners brass, the Royals decided to see what the righty has to offer.

Texeira is a young pitcher with remarkable upside at only 24 years of age.  He was 0-1 with a 5.30 ERA in 16 relief appearances with the Mariners, pitching 18 2/3 innings so far this year.

Because of the Rule 5 draft, Texeira may be an example of a player that was rushed to the majors too quickly.  He was selected from the Yankees AA team in Trenton, and it was his cut fastball that intrigued the Mariners so much.  With the Rule 5 draft rules, he must now stay in the majors, and the Royals are hoping that cut fastball comes back to life and sparks a bullpen that needs help.

The Royals took a chance on Texeira, and due to his Rule 5 draft status, he must remain on the big league 25-man roster the entire season.  If the Royals decide to move him off the 25 man roster, they would have to place him on the waiver wire and if unclaimed must offer him back to the Yankees for $25,000 or work out a trade with them in order to keep him. 

Texeira will take the spot of Brad Thompson in the bullpen.  Thompson was 0-4 with a 6.41 ERA over 16 relief appearances.  Looking at numbers like that, it’s easy to see that Texeira is an upgrade, and if the cut fastball comes back, he could be a potential set up man to get to Soria.  Either way, with the Royals bullpen situation, I don’t think this move hurts the Royals much, so now as usual, Royal fans will hope for the best.