Cincinnati Reds Look To Louisville for Relief

Illya Harrell@illya_1971Analyst IIJune 3, 2010

GOODYEAR, AZ - MARCH 11:  Enerio Del Rosario #65 of the Cincinnati Reds pitches during a Spring Training game against the Milwaukee Brewers on March 11, 2010 at Goodyear Ballpark in Goodyear, Arizona.  (Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)
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Manicurists in Reds' country have a love/hate relationship with this season's relief crew.  They love them in the sense that their businesses are booming. On the other hand, the nightmarish state of Cincinnati area fingernails has made many manicurists physically ill.

Other than Arthur Rhodes, no one has kept the fingernail area from looking similar to a freshly cut steak.

On Tuesday, the Reds shook things up a bit by placing Mike Lincoln on the disabled list and sending Carlos Fisher back down to AAA Louisville.

The club recalled Logan Ondrusek and Enerio del Rosario, both of whom have already spent time with the big club in 2010. 

In other words, they replaced two wretched right-handers with two relatively unknown righties.

A recently written Bleacher Report article regarding possible middle inning relievers the Reds should target in trades , was just another typical knee-jerk response from an overzealous fan who—no matter how cool his hair is—seems not to remember that there is still about 70 percent of the season to be played.

So before trading the farm it makes much more sense to look within said farm for help. Much needed help.

Lincoln was a human interest story in 2008—the details are foggy, but he hadn't pitched in something like 20-years during which time he had over 100 different arm/shoulder surgeries.

He pitched well in 2008, and the Reds rewarded him with a two-year contract worth over $2 million per annum.

Lincoln has now been recognized as the poster child for the grass roots movement: "Not a Bright Idea to Sign Feel-Good Stories"

Fisher was that guy who's only pitch seemed to be the one that was always four-feet out of the strike zone.

If there is any justice in this world, neither will ever see another major league game without a ticket-stub.

Ondrusek, Reds' fans may remember, was on the opening day roster. His numbers with the big club were repulsive. Hopefully the 25-year old Texan was just nervous coming out of the gate.

He got sent down in favor of Fisher after his horrible start. However, when he was sent back to the minors, Louisville's pitching coach Teddy Power reminded Ondrusek that he was 6'7" and should be chucking some throat-level junk at the opposition.

Ondrusek has a mid-90 mph heater. His post-demotion numbers at Louisville say he's got good control, walking only three in 19 and two-thirds innings pitched.

Simply put, this cat's success will depend on how willing he is to scare the panties off opposing hitters. Other than his fastball, his arsenal is only equipped with a below-average cutter.  

The other guy, del Rosario, who was recalled on Tuesday was credited with the win over the St. Louis Cardinals on Tuesday night.

He did give up two hits and allowed a couple of Johnny Cueto's ducks to score, but he also retired Albert Pujols for the last out of the inning.

He's 24-years old, generously listed at 6'2", 185 pounds.

Like Ondrusek, he has above-average control. But, also like Ondrusek, he only has one really good pitch a sinking fastball.

A good sinker is an awesome weapon—ask Brandon Webb. It remains to be seen whether or not del Rosario's sinker will always get down. He throws in the low-90s. 

So if that sink doesn't sink, his career will be short and none too sweet.

Should Reds fans be optimistic over the rearrivals of Ondrusek and del Rosario? 

Sure, be willing to give them a few outings and if they are decent, stay silent. If they stink up the joint, gripe and moan.

Should Reds' fans be sorry to see Lincoln and Fisher gone?

That is a silly question.

Well, unless said fan is a relative. No...only the mothers of Fisher or Lincoln are allowed feel bad—slightly.

Everyone else, throw confetti on yourselves.


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