Open Mic: Retired Players

Howard SpaethContributor IJuly 22, 2008

Here we go... All this Brett Favre drama is ridiculous. He should just retire and be done with it. All players have the itch to come back and play but most of them don't. Brett Favre is one of the best quarterbacks that we will ever see in the history of football. There is no arguing that.

     There are athletes out there today who should just retire and be happy that they were on the big stage in parts. Look at Michael Jordon, he retired and then played and he was not the same old "Mike" that we knew. He did run up and down the court like we used to.  

    Athlete's that are still playing there sports that should retire. You may disagree with me but listen to the reasons and then think of them. First off Mike Hampton. Mike Hampton hasn't had a full year in who knows how long. When he first started his career everyone thought he was going to be so good and he turned out to be one of the biggest busts in MLB history. Tom Glavine is another one. I love Tom as a pitcher and i think he is great but come on. He has been on the dl twice this season which is the first two times in his career. Barry Bonds also. Everyone knows he did steroids and he still wants to come back. The funny part is that not even the Yankees don't want him. It's funny because the Yankees are known to always want the best player around at that certain time.

   I do not think that they're are any players that benefited stayingg around for another year. You can make the argument for Brett Favre but he never said he was considering retirement at the end of last season. Players have to retire for a certain  reason and then they come back because they are close to breaking a record of some sort. That is the better way to make a comeback. It makes more sense that way because of just staying around to play. There can be someone in the minors or drafted who may be ready to take that place but they cant because they're is someone in the way.

    I have a lot of respect for players that retire when they are on top. They could go a lot more with their career but they feel that that's the way to go out. Tiki Barber once said something along the lines of " I want to be remembered as the great player i am and not the terrible player i may be when i retire". This is true because if you look at players as they get older their stats decrease. Yes, age is a huge factor but once again players who retire on the top of their game may realize they made a mistake and they may try for the comeback. That is different from Brett Favre's drama. He said that he retired to early. He didn't retire too early he just got the urge to play again just like every first year retiree probably feels.

   An athlete should leave the game when they feel they need to. If they feel that they need to leave the game after one year in the big leagues then they have the right to. It should not be up the public whether or not someone should retire