A Bulging Issue In Arizona

Erik LandauCorrespondent IMay 28, 2010

The Arizona Cardinals have won the past two NFC West crowns through Kurt Warner. Now, they move into mini-camps without a former NFL and Super Bowl MVP. Can the solution to the problem be Matt Leinart?

Leinart, the former First Round pick for the Cardinals, was originally the man to replace Warner when he was drafted. No one knew it would take his retirement to put this saying to the test. Warner can now be remembered as resurrecting his career in Arizona and the franchise of the Cardinals. With this in line, it makes sense that they attempt to do the same thing with Marc Bulger.

He came from the same system as Warner, learned under his tutelage and is very familiar with the division. The product of West Virginia is still a Free Agent and there is slight hints that the Cards might bring him into camp. With the lack of belief in Leinart, and new pickup Derek Anderson already this off-season, the pickup of Bulger is worth a try.

Bulger should be financially affordable now, after what I considered maybe the worst financial deal in NFL History with the Rams (six years, $65 million). He has the experience of winning in the playoffs and it should be noted that he has made the Pro Bowl in 2003 and 2006. He is still only 33-years-old and has only had a limited amount of injuries.

When in a system he is comfortable with, Bulger has shown that he can light the field up like his predecessor did in St. Louis. He can command the field and gain the respect of his teammates. If Bulger can be humble and energetic about playing he is at a minimum a great backup. As we all know, unless you have Peyton Manning or Brett Favre a backup is vital in today's game.

If Leinart continues to struggle to impress the team and Anderson can't fit right, then Bulger is the answer. The Cards still have an impressive core throughout their defense and their other parts of the offense. The quarterback is the true question mark and that bulging problem can be answered by Marc Robert Bulger.