Should The Big Apple Host The Big Game?

Dave WalkerCorrespondent IMay 25, 2010

It was just this past year when officials with the Miami Dolphins informed the general public of a possible upgrade to Sun Life Stadium. ( Former Dolphin, Joe Robby, Pro Player Stadiums) The upgrade was set to provide an overhang, or partial roof similar to that of the old Cowboys Stadium. The reason for this... to try to lure another Super Bowl to South Florida.

Apparently the selection committee wasn't too thrilled about the fact it rained on fans during the Colts-Bears Super Bowl a few years back. They felt that the rain dampened what was supposed to be the pinnacle of the season. Many felt that if the stadium did not make the upgrades that it would significantly hurt their chance of bidding on another Super Bowl.

This past season Miami was rewarded with the big game again, since the new stadium in New York was not done.

Well, today I saw where the new stadium in New York received the bid to Super Bowl XLVIII, and it kind of made me shrug my shoulders.

I am not saying that this stadium is not going to be a state of the art modern marvel, but last time I checked, New York was cold and snowy in early February. Where do you hold media day now?

You can't do it in the cold weather on the field. Granted this past season it was moved inside because of rain, but frankly I would rather be rained on than to have to walk through snow...

I am sure that the fans in New York are excited, and they should be. This will be the first Super Bowl played in cold weather in the history of the game. My question is whether or not these fans are happy about it?

Isn't the Super Bowl a chance to go and spend some time in the fun and sun while seeing your team play for the Lombardi trophy? Isn't it a chance to head south for a little while?

Now it is a trip to the chilly Big Apple to keep the parka and gloves on and deal with the massive New York metro area.

I could go on and on about the subject, but it isn't necessary. There will be opponents of the city getting the big game, and proponents. In my opinion it is all about getting the all mighty New York dollar. Similar to that of what the Big Ten has tried to do in the past, it is all about takin' some Benjamins out of the Apple market.

As always, that's just my opinion, and I am sure many of you will think I am wrong this time. So, what do you think about a frosty Super Bowl? Will it favor a possible Midwest or Northeast team? What about the Dome teams, or Western and Southern teams? As always feel free to leave your feedback and let's see what everyone thinks....