Live Fan Chat With Seattle Seahawks GM John Schneider

H2H Helmet2Helmet.netContributor IMay 24, 2010

A funny thing has happened to me over the last seven seasons. While my absolute allegiance to the Raiders remains unshaken, these downturn years have caused the expansion of my football horizons. I no longer identify solely as a Raiders fan; I'm also an NFL fan. I like watching teams play well or make gutsy decisions. I especially enjoy watching teams declare war on mediocrity, putting everything they have behind an effort to turn their franchise into winners.

That sort of energy is what I see coming out of Seattle. The vibe around the franchise started changing when Pete Carroll was hired as head coach. If coach Carroll does nothing else, he brings an excitement and a confidence that the Seahawks organization hasn't displayed in quite a few years. Days later, Seattle named John Schneider as the new GM. The decision in this pairing came in great part to the chemistry witnessed by CEO Tod Leiweke as Schneider met Carroll in his final interview.

"Most compelling for me is the amazing energy I saw between the man to my right and man to my left," Leiweke said, sitting between Carroll and Schneider. "They connected, they saw eye to eye and they had a similar philosophy on how they wanted to do this."

The pair then went on to lead what was one of the most highly regarded series of selections in the 2010 NFL Draft. Seattle fans have every reason to be excited about the new direction of the Seahawks. Heck, I'm excited to see what they accomplish as well. So much so that I set out on a mission. I wanted to talk to the new guy.

This Thursday, May 27, at 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time, we are fortunate to host Schneider in a live fan chat. Fans will be asking the questions, and we'll get to see why this dynamic personality is already having such an impact on the Seahawks organization. I expect we'll cover player issues, the schedule, the sate of the division, and maybe I'll even interject and ask what's up with the neon green jerseys and if we're going to see those again this season.

I'm looking forward to the experience and to watching him interact with his fan base. I'm also looking forward to watching the NFC West over the next several seasons. What used to be the house of Kurt Warner just got remodeled. Competition is going to thicken up and the stage is set for the nice little rivalry between San Francisco and Seattle to come into the spotlight.


Written by H2H Co-Owner Julie