Mike Tannenbaum Fails to Address Multiple Jets Issues in Headlining Offseason

Zach Berger@theZachBergerCorrespondent IMay 24, 2010

Mike Tannenbaum loves making the headlines.

He signed Jason Taylor. He signed LaDainian Tomlinson. He traded for Antonio Cromartie. He drafted Kyle Wilson. He traded up to get Joe McKnight. He traded for Santonio Holmes.

Sure...those are all pretty exciting moves. Those are all pretty big names. But is the hype behind those names big enough to fill the voids they're being asked to fill?

Is Jason Taylor really still a viable option as a pass rusher? Can LDT actually have a comeback year and fill the spot that Thomas Jones was booted from this offseason? Can Joe McKnight successfully fill in for the jack of all trades, do-everything running back the Jets had in Leon Washington?

While a couple of those guys might get the job done, I highly doubt that all three of them will do what they're being asked to do.

Jason Taylor has shown multiple signs of his career being over (or close to over). He hasn't been effective in a couple seasons and has lacked in the one statistic that he can't be lacking in: sacks.

Maybe JT just needed a change of scenery. Maybe he'll have a "second coming" in New York and once again wreak havoc on quarterbacks around the league. Or maybe he won't...

LaDainian Tomlinson hasn't had a season worth talking about in two years now. Like JT...many people think that the system he was in was failing him. The Chargers turned into a passing team. The offense was Philip Rivers' offense...not LDT's offense. The veteran running back was no longer the go-to guy in San Diego. His offensive line wasn't as good as the one he'll have in front of him in New York.

Maybe he'll turn his career around and return to his old form (this is the point where you laugh at how ridiculous of a statement that was). Or maybe he won't...

And Joe McKnight? I won't pretend I know enough about the guy, or have seen him play enough, to make an extremely educated opinion on him as a replacement for Leon Washington.

I've studied his stats. He was a pretty effective running back at USC. He averaged 6.2 yards per carry. That's right...I didn't mean 2.6...I didn't type the wrong number. He's extremely athletic and has some impressive speed. So maybe he will be the next Leon Washington. Or maybe he won't...

These were all high-risk moves that are far from being guarantees. They could turn out well, and I give MT the benefit of the doubt because of his past success, but I wouldn't be a Jet fan if I didn't question every move the team makes, right?

Even worse...the Jets have failed to address one gaping hole, and it doesn't look like they have any intention of doing so either: backup quarterback.

I know...backup quarterback isn't exactly a game-changing position. But when you have a sophomore quarterback coming off knee surgery who struggled immensely last year, wouldn't you think an "insurance policy" would be a good idea?

Kellen Clemens has done a great job in proving he isn't a good option as a replacement if anything happens to Marky Mark. Kevin O'Connell hasn't exactly made a great case for himself either, and Erik Ainge has yet to set foot on the field in a regular season game. So who plays if Sanchez goes down?

Let's say Sanchez pulls a Drew Bledsoe. Obviously this is a long shot...but let's just say for one second that someone delivers Sanchez a crushing blow in the style of Mo Lewis. Who's our Tom Brady? Who's the guy that at least has potential to come in as a starter and get things done?

The team has invested EVERYTHING in the coming season, and the starting quarterback is coming off surgery with nobody worth talking about in line behind him.

So sure...MT has made headlines yet again. But has he done enough? Are these big moves more about ticket sales than they are about improving the team? Are JT and LDT simply ploys that will help move a few extra PSLs rather than football players that the team actually thinks will make a difference?

I guess we'll find out.