What Separates The Oakland Raiders From The NFL

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIMay 17, 2010

OAKLAND, CA - DECEMBER 13:  Johnnie Lee Higgins #15 of the Oakland Raiders reacts during their game against the Washington Redskins at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on December 13, 2009 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

 Many of you may not like what you are about to read so I would recommend stopping now. I am going to lay it down on the table for both the haters of the Raiders and the Raidernation.

  The Oakland Raiders. Commitment to Excellence, Pride and Poise, Silver and Black. These are terms that have been associated with the Oakland Raiders stemming from its first three decades of greatness.

   The Oakland Raiders at this time are no where near to the teams that created fear and hurt in the NFL. I am talking about teams that punished opponents so badly  that even the Pittsburgh Steelers cried and took them to court because of the hurt brought on by the Raiders.

  The Oakland Raiders. If you are in a crowd of people and say that you are a fan they either love ya or they hate ya. So why the hate? Why are the Raiders singled out?

  Its because of Al Davis. Al Davis is a man with fire and desire. A man that even so-called Raider fans despise today because of his controlling power. this is the same Al Davis that has been sued by the NFL. The same Al Davis that moved the Raiders to Los Angeles. If it was not for Al Davis the Raiders would not be the team that they are today and that's a shadow of what the Raiders were. Al Davis took players and let them play hard. Al Davis took a team that the worst in the NFL and made it a three-time Superbowl Champions.

  To the many haters out there I just have to say quit being jealous. From time to time I write articles on what I expect from the Raiders season after season. I  usually get two responses. Positive responses from fellow fans like me or negative remarks from Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboy and San Diego Charger fans.

  To the Charger fans I say this. Yeah, you may be on top and yes, you have dominated the AFC west for sometime. But simply said, the San Diego Chargers are chokers when it comes to the playoffs and when it comes to representing the AFC West all this team can do is lose in the big games. Charger fans hear from Raider fans all the time. Where are the Superbowl wins? There aren't none. Why? Because you are not winners.

    The San Diego Chargers do not have a "maverick" owner who loves the team like Al Davis loves his beloved Raiders.

   Next we have the Dallas Cowboys who actually do have Superbowl wins and have some great coaches like Tom Landry. Tom Landry was great but he is no John Madden. Tom Landry doesn't have the winning record John Madden has and when it comes success, well, you go home and play Madden on your Xbox360's not Landry. Why is that? The Dallas Cowboys cannot create players or coaches that are legendary like Al Davis does.

   There are so many Raider legends its really unbelievable. Who can forget Kenny Stabler or even Bo Jackson?

     The Oakland Raiders have always had a mystique about them. Teams never know what to expect from the Raiders because the consistency has been... well inconsistent. Yet, the fan base is still there.

   It is with pride that I watch my beloved Oakland Raider grow in the NFL. Prime examples are John Madden, Howie Long, and NFL union president Gene Upshaw. These men dominated the NFL when on the gridiron. They now are businessmen who have had success after play. John and Howie are on top now. Anyone for a six legged turkey?

    Now the tough part. The Oakland Raiders of today. The Raiders have looked absolutely horrible. I have gone to seven season openers and everytime I was amazed at how poorly the Raiders played.

   The Raiders have done a fine job of picking top athletes i.e. Higgins, Murphy, McFadden, etc. But the wins still havent been there. Yet, the Raidernation follows and cheers for Oakland. The Oakland Raiders must get out of its past and become the team it can be. It will happen and from the latest moves, sooner that imagined.

  So why are there so many Raider fans? Why is there so much loyalty to a team that hasn't looked good since the days of Gruden? Its because Al Davis created a football team from a bunch of losers. Those losers became winners. In fact there were so many wins that that the Raider became the winning-est team of all time, in all sports! No other team can hold that record. Ever

  The Raiders have looked poor in recent years but once again this years team looks much improved. So much improved that I predict a 10-6 season.

   The Oakland are a legacy team with such a storied past that even in its worst years, the organization is shadowed by the greatness of its past. The fact remains that the Raiders are due for a Superbowl title.

   The Raiders are the team that referees love to make bad calls. Tuck Rule anyone?

  The past is over and we as fans still believe that the greatness is there. I am so tired of hearing that Al needs to die.This is another reason why the Raider organization is different that most. Its the way the Al Davis runs the organization. The man is Oakland. Al Davis will never die so dont hold your breath :)yeah, he's made some mistakes but for the most part, he's made the best choices.

     I am an Oakland Raider fan and will be until I dissolve to dust. The Oakland Raiders maintain a fan base that I feel is unsurpassed! The Raiders are worldwide! We believe in the Silver and Black and every year we hope for success and it gets closer every year. The fans are not bandwagonners. I mean, where are all those Patriot jerseys now?

  I say the Oakland Raiders go 10-6 this season and that because I believe in my team. So if you're a hater then whine all ya want because we are used to it.

   Test this theory I call the room of doom.  All you need to do is be in a room of people and talk Raiders and you will see the  difference in attitude. You'll hear the hissing of those other NFL team fans or the praise and comraderie of a fellow fan.


  This does not happen if you mention other teams in the NFL. Only the Oakland Raiders. Isnt it amazing how saying two words will stir emotion. I love it.

 Oakland Raiders fans are diehards and we never, never give up. We are the example of what loyalty to a team is all about. We are what seperates Oakland from those other teams.