Saint Timothy of Tebow...Whyeth art thou hateth so?

Jabber HeadSenior Analyst IApril 24, 2010

I follow the NFL closely and have done so since...well...Judas was a spy for Bill Belichick. However, I don't claim to be a college football aficionado, as frankly I'm a casual observer at best. I do, however, pay attention to the big teams, big games, and big players. Regardless, one would have had to been a hermit on the deserted island of "Isla Herkidoofus" for the last couple of years not to be intimately cognizant of Tim Tebow.

I've never seen a player who has accomplished so much at the collegiate level, so scrutinized, criticized, and in some cases, ironically demonized. I say " ironically demonized" because Tebow's major "crime" seems to be that he's a devout Christian who proudly wears it literally on his eye black.

I'm not naive, so I fully grasp modern society's disdain for deeply religious folks, especially deeply religious, aggressive-about-it athletes. However, I don't get, nor have much precedence for, the use of that disdain to somehow downgrade a player's skills, accomplishments and potential on the field. To wit...I know a lot of fans who dislike Kurt Warner (and his wife) for his open displays of his faith. However, I never hear anyone claim that Kurt isn't a great QB or wish that he fall victim to bad experiences. Ditto for back in the day with Roger Staubach.That's not the case with Tim Tebow.

"Saint Tim" (see I'm doing it now...on purpose) is dissed mostly for stuff that is irrelevant to football. I find it ironic vis a' vis Big Ben, Pacman, Tiger Woods et al that Tebow gets slammed for his positive character. Perhaps it's because those fellows are on one extreme of the character spectrum and Tebow is on another extreme...and modern society doesn't like extremes...or at least pretends not to.

Regardless, I wish someone would explain to me what Tebow's professions of faith, missionary work, celibacy, or virginity has to do with what he has accomplished and more importantly MAY accomplish on the football field. Why do you care Who (or if) he worships or how much nookie he's supposedly missing out on?

Sure, he throws with a slow, low funky wind-up motion and has little experience under center, but those negative attributes are fixable. Actually, after watching Tebow work with John Gruden during a TV piece, I get the feeling that the first flaw is already fixed. But, of course, we'll see what happens in the heat of battle when instincts take over. Perhaps because I'm old enough to have seen Bernie Kosar successfully play in the NFL with his side-armed motion that I'm not really concerned about Tebow's motion even if he reverts to it...well...occasionally.

The question for the hour though is ....Why do YOU hate Tim Tebow? Is the because of what he stands for? If so, that's your right, but I then challenge you to be honest about it. Do you hate him because the media and some of his detractors attach a "Jesus Complex" to him? If so, since he's not the one doing that to himself, so is that perception his fault? Why not just hate the people who do that to him? Do you hate him because of his collegiate stats and awards, including winning the Heisman as a sophomore?

Why do you project...nee...plead for him to fail as a pro? Maybe he will. Maybe he won't. I've seen enough star collegiate players flop and succeed as pros to know better than to bet my last money on Tebow's or any other draftee's success. But, for some reason, I have the feeling that the big, sappy kid with the rag arm and the huge heart will do okay. least the Denver Broncos and I think so.

What do YOU think of Tebow and his chances?...and why?

"You will be hated by all because of My name, but it is the one who has endured to the end who will be saved." ---Jesus (Not Timothy ;-) ) : Matthew 10:22 .


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