2010 NFL Draft: Evaluating Quarterback Prospects

Fantasy Football TraderContributor IApril 19, 2010

ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 05:  Quarterback Sam Bradford #14 of the Oklahoma Sooners drops back to pass against the Brigham Young Cougars at Cowboys Stadium on September 5, 2009 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Sam Bradford     6'4"     236     QB     Oklahoma

  • 40 yard Dash:  NA
  • Birthday     11/8/1987     Age: 22   

The Good:   Great accuracy on all throws. Does a good job of leading his receiver.  Quick release with tight spiral.  No fear of standing tall in the pocket.  Excellent on play action and has a nice pump fake.  Very good at reading defenses.  Good leader, both on and off the field.  Completed 62 of his 63 passes thrown on Pro Day and the one he didn’t complete was dropped by the receiver.   

The Bad:   Lacks top end arm strength.  Sometimes throws with a three quarter motion.  Since he is so accurate, he will force the ball at times.  Injury concerns.     

The Truth:  Bradford missed most of the 2009 season due to a shoulder injury after winning the Heisman trophy in 2008.  On paper, he has all the tools to be a big time NFL talent and a future fantasy star.  His accuracy and his football intelligence is what put him in the No. 1 overall draft pick talk. 

The only concern about Bradford is his shoulder, which did not appear to be a problem on Pro Day as he continued to impress scouts.  He should go high in a dynasty league and is worth at least keeping an eye on in re-draft leagues.   

Jimmy Clausen     6'3"     222     QB     Notre Dame

  • 40 yard Dash:  NA
  • Birthday     9/21/1987     Age: 22   

The Good:   Good accuracy on short and intermediate passes.  Does a good job of hitting receivers in stride.  Good arm strength.  Played in a pro-style offense under a former NFL coach while at Notre Dame.  Tough player that will earn his teammates respect with his play.  Good leader.   

The Bad:   Lacks good accuracy on deep balls.  Has a tendency to miss high when he misses a throw, which is bad for him and for the receiver.  Too big of windup on deep balls.  Will have moments where he throws the ball either too hard or too soft.  Will get happy feet in the pocket and has a habit of throwing off his back foot.       

The Truth:   I know many people are high on Clausen, but at this point I am not one of them.  His weaknesses outshine his strengths at this point.  The fact that I have seen experts compare him to Aaron Rodgers does peak my interest and the fact that he is ahead of Sam Bradford on Mel Kiper’s big board makes me think I may be wrong. 

He did face a lot of dime defense because of a lack of running game, but he also had a potential first round pick at receiver in Golden Tate.  Much like Sam Bradford, he will be taken high in dynasty drafts and bears watching in re-draft leagues, you know, just in case I am wrong.

Colt McCoy     6'1"     216     QB     Texas

  • 40 yard Dash: 4.79 at the combine
  • Birthday     9/5/1986     Age: 23   

The Good:  He is a winner, 45 victories while at Texas is the most ever in a players career.  Completed 70 percent of his passes last season.  Good job of hitting receivers in stride.  Stands in the pocket with no fear.  Does a good job of reading defenses.  Knows how to use his feet to his advantage.          

The Bad:   Did not have to throw many deep balls while at Texas.  Lacks great deep ball arm strength.  Lacks ideal NFL height for his position.  Played a lot of shotgun in college.  Coming off a shoulder injury.    

The Truth:  I hate to sound like a broken record, but I am not a McCoy fan.  In a dink and dunk system I think he can be a productive NFL quarterback, but he has to prove that he can make all the throws.  His running ability does give him some added value.  He reminds me of a smaller version of Mark Brunell when he was in his prime.  Yet another quarterback that will be drafted high in dynasty leagues, but unless he lands in the perfect system, I do not see a lot of value for at least a few years.

Tim Tebow     6'3"     236     QB     Florida

  • 40 yard Dash:  4.71 at the combine
  • Birthday     8/14/1987     Age: 22   

The Good:  Good arm strength, is capable of making all the throws.  Added value as a runner.  Tough guy who will give his all on every play.  Does a good job of seeing the holes and following blockers when he does run.  Good size.  He is a winner and a good leader.      

The Bad:   Does not always throw a tight spiral.  Loses accuracy on intermediate passes.  Took the majority of his college snaps in the shotgun and in a spread system.     

The Truth: As the most intriguing player in the draft, everybody wants to know if Tebow will be a quarterback or end up at another position.  He has changed his throwing motion to get rid of the ball quicker, but the jury is still out on whether this will help his cause.  There is no denying Tebow’s talent level, he threw for over 2800 yards last season with 21 touchdowns and added 910 yards on the ground and another 14 touchdowns. 

There has been talk of making him a tight end, I don’t know about that, but I do know he will give his all regardless of the position he ends up playing.  I think the risk is worth the possible reward in dynasty leagues, but I believe that no matter what position he takes on it is going to take a few years for him to have any fantasy value.

Levi Brown     6'4"     229     QB     Troy

  • 40 yard Dash: 4.93 at the combine
  • Birthday     3/11/1987     Age: 23   

The Good:   Good size.  Good accuracy on short and intermediate throws where he does a good job of leading his receivers.  Good arm strength to make all the NFL throws.  Quick release.  Does a good job of not forcing the ball into coverage.  Does a good job of buying time by rolling out.            

The Bad:   Will force too many passes.  Does not do a great job on longer throws.  Needs to work on his footwork.  Worked out of the shotgun on most plays.  Needs to look down field more when he is on the run.  Will lock onto to his primary target too often.  Did not play in an offense where he needed to make many reads.  Can be rattled and leave the pocket too quickly at times.          

The Truth:  Threw for 4254 yards and 23 touchdowns last season, but he has a lot of work to do before he ever puts up numbers like that in the NFL.  It will take a lot of time and work for him to fix his footwork, work under center, and learn to read NFL defenses.  I believe he just has too many negatives to ever be an NFL starter, but he is a deep sleeper that could have some fantasy promise down the road if he finds a way to stick around.

Daryll Clark    6'2"     235     QB     Penn State

  • 40 yard Dash: 4.72 at the combine
  • Birthday     2/5/1986     Age: 24   

The Good:   Good size.  Good arm strength to make all the NFL throws.  Athletic.  Does a good job on the run and can make plays with his arm and his feet.  Is a good guy and a team leader.  Threw for over 3000 yards with 24 touchdowns last season in a typically run first offense.  He added 211 yards and 10 touchdowns on the ground.      

The Bad:  Lacks great accuracy.  Needs to work on his feet and throwing motion.  Better on the run than in the pocket.  Must improve his decision making skills.  Has decent height, but does not throw a great over the top ball which means too many passes get knocked down at the line.  Will force the ball into tight spots too often.    

The Truth:  Clark is a good athlete with a strong arm, but there are just too many weaknesses to imagine Clark as anything more than a third quarterback for a team with some potential value as a “wildcat” orchestrator.  Minimal fantasy value here.

Dan LeFevour     6'3"     230     QB     Central Michigan

  • 40 yard Dash: 4.60 at the combine
  • Birthday     3/19/1987     Age:  23

The Good:   Four-year starter at Central Michigan.  Very accurate passer, but completion percentage may have been inflated by a dink and dunk offense.  Good size.  Tough guy that will take a hit to deliver a quality pass.  Versatile player who can make plays with his feet.        

The Bad:  Played in the spread offense.  Not good on the run.  Doesn’t always lead his receivers enough.  Lacks good arm strength, especially on the deep ball.      

The Truth:  A four-year starter that put up incredible numbers while at Central Michigan.  He threw for 12,905 yards and 102 touchdowns with only 36 interceptions while adding 2,948 rushing yards and 47 touchdowns. 

He even caught three passes for 58 yards and a touchdown and punted seven times for 227 yards.  In 2007 he threw for 3,652 yards and 27 touchdowns while adding 1,122 yards and 19 touchdowns on the ground.  Oh, and he also caught his one touchdown that season. 

OK, now that my nose is nice and brown it is time to bring the bad news.  He just does not have an NFL caliber arm and while he can make plays with his feet, there are very few quarterbacks that can do it for a living. 

I cannot ignore his numbers and intelligence, however, and in the right system and with a couple of years to learn I think he could be a quality NFL starter with fantasy potential, especially in leagues that reward extra points for quarterbacks that can run.

Jonathan Crompton     6'3"    222     QB     Tennessee

  • 40 yard Dash4.79 on Pro Day
  • Birthday     7/25/1987     Age: 22   

The Good:  Has a very strong arm to make all the NFL throws.  Good size.  Does a good job on play action.  Has good balance.  Excellent spirals.  Good on the run.  Good leader with an excellent work ethic.          

The Bad:  Has too many stretches of inaccuracy.  Only had one good year while at Tennessee.  Has a tendency to lock onto his primary target.  Will force the ball into coverage.      

The Truth:  Crompton showed little promise his first three years at Tennessee but he made amazing strides last season, throwing for 2800 yards and 27 touchdowns.  He has struggled at times with his accuracy but he has the arm strength to make all the NFL throws.  Will likely take some time to get adjusted to the next level but could end up as one of the top quarterbacks in this class.  Worth a pick in dynasty leagues.

Tony Pike     6'6"     212     QB     Cincinnati

  • 40 yard Dash4.90 at the combine
  • Birthday     3/10/1986     Age: 24   

The Good:  Excellent size.  Very good accuracy on most throws.  Good delivery and follow through.  Does a good job of reading defenses.  Decent mobility for a guy of his size.  Can get a few yards when needed and with his size he does a good job at quarterback sneaks.  Good work ethic and is competitive as anybody.            

The Bad:  Has a tendency to miss high because of his height.  Lacks ideal arm strength.  Took a majority of his snaps out of the shotgun.  Will hear footsteps and leave the pocket too early at times.  Will lock onto primary target at times.  Will float deep balls.  Some people question whether he is a true leader.  Has had injury issues.          

The Truth:  No disrespect to Pike but this is where the quarterbacks drop off.  His 2520 yards and 29 touchdowns last season with only six interceptions were impressive but a majority of his stats were put up against very average competition.  He only threw for 170 yards in a 51-24 loss to Florida in the Sugar bowl. 

He does have great size and good accuracy which will give him a long look but he has work left to do before he becomes an NFL starter.  I do not see him doing anything of note for at least a few years and even then, I have my doubts about him ever being a quality fantasy starter.

Tim Hiller     6'4"     229     QB     Western Michigan

  • 40 yard Dash4.97 at the combine
  • Birthday     12/13/1986     Age: 22   

The Good:  Prototypical size.  Good arm strength and decent accuracy.  Reads defenses well.  Will put in extra work in the film room.  Tough guy, played with an injured ACL in 2008.  Intelligent both on and off the field, finished with a 4.0 and is working on his MBA.      

The Bad:  Does not do a good job of leading his receivers.  Took most snaps out of the shotgun formation.  Takes too many sacks.  Not fleet of foot.  Will force the ball at times.  Has had knee troubles in his career. 

The Truth:  He has the size and arm to be a quality NFL quarterback but he needs to improve on his decision making and likely needs to adjust his throwing motion as he tends to take too much of a windup approach.  He is a very intelligent and hard working kid which could buy him the time it will take for him to improve his game.  He is a long shot to stick around but if he does I like his chances to be more than just a career backup and he could turn into a very sneaky sleeper at some point down the road.

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