2010 NFL Draft: Cleveland Browns Pick Insanity Continues, Jared Odrick at No. 7?

Daniel WolfSenior Writer IApril 9, 2010

STATE COLLEGE, PA - NOVEMBER 7: Defensive tackle Jared Odrick #91 of the Penn State Nittany Lions warms-up before a game against the Ohio State Buckeyes on November 7, 2009 at Beaver Stadium in State College, Pennsylvania. Ohio State won 24-7. (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)
Hunter Martin/Getty Images

An NFL mock draft can be a very confusing and unpredictable guess by anyone from a casual fan all the way up to the top experts and analysts.

So why are more and more writers, experts, and analysts saying that the Cleveland Browns will be picking nonsensical players or reach at No. 7 for a player who is not rated that high?

First there was talk of Dez Bryant to the Browns by ESPN's Mel Kiper and now add cleveland.com's Tony Grossi who says Jared Odrick is the Browns' pick.

Last time I checked, Odrick was projected no higher than in the 20's of the first round, and if you haven't read my feelings on Kiper's pick of Bryant, then click here .

Somehow, Grossi thinks that Odrick would be a good pick at No. 7, but that would be a Raiders owner Al Davis-like reach that high in the first in my opinion.

If the Browns trade down into the late teens, then I can see Odrick being a target for the Browns.

But I cannot wrap my brain around why or how Grossi thinks Odrick is a good pick at No. 7.

"The ghosts of Courtney Brown and other flameout Nittany Lions loom," Grossi wrote as the only comment regarding the pick.

Obviously he is referring to that fact that Brown was from Penn State and a bust as a first-round pick, but that quote doesn't even make sense outside of the obvious.

To try and support his pick, Grossi wrote, "He's showing up in national mock drafts after our story this week."

Earlier in the week, Grossi did run a story that the Browns have shown interest in Odrick, but in this story he claims that since Odrick was one of eight players invited to New York for the first round it means he may be a top-10 pick now.

I do not see a connection with any of this, and it looks like Grossi is blowing all of this out of proportion.

My take is that the Browns are keeping their options open in case they trade down. Then they may pick Odrick. But to say the Browns have interest at No. 7 since he was invited to New York, and that makes him a top-10 pick, makes no sense at all.

Odrick was invited to New York because more and more top players do not want to be sitting on camera during the first round especially if they start to fall in the first.

No player wants to sit and wait and wait just like Brady Quinn had to do in 2007 as he fell into the 20's.

Yes, the Browns need youth and depth at defensive end now due to Shaun Rogers' troubles and the other ends being in their 30's, but they will not reach for it when they can trade down to pick the same player later on.

I must say that I am disappointed in his pick along with Grossi's thought processing of this pick, and there is no need to reach for a player who is a bottom half of the first round projection at No. 7.

I do not doubt that Odrick will be a very good lineman in the NFL, but he has not shown that he is a top-10 pick even with the tremendous Pro Day he had back on March 17. Click here to read Odrick's Pro Day summary.

Sorry Grossi, but you threw an interception on this play, and the coach is coming to bench you for the rest of the game until you can refocus and get your game back on track.

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