NFL Mock Draft: The Sports Dish Edition

Hamza AhsanCorrespondent IApril 3, 2010

With the NFL draft coming up this month, it seems as if The Sports Dish doesn't have a mock draft yet. So for the first time in The Sport Dish's history, we will be having a mock draft. Here is the outcome of our first mock draft:


1. St. Louis Rams —Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

A franchise quarterback is something that the Rams have been searching for since the breakdown of Marc Bulger a few years ago.

Although there were many doubts to how his throwing arm would be, those doubts were out the window as he dazzled in his first time throwing in front of scouts since the nightmare game against Texas.

Scouts really loved the new muscle he put on and how Bradford seemed to be playing a lot better than most would have expected him to play. Unless something goes wrong with the contract negotiations between the two, expect the Rams to grab Bradford.


2. Detroit Lions —Russel Okung, OT, Oklahoma State

You might be thinking, "Why won't the Lions select the second-best player overall in the draft?"

Well, there's only one explanation to that, and that is Matthew Stafford.

The Lions are desperately in need of someone who can protect the player they spent about $78 million on. Okung is a very good all-around blocker and can help the Lions offensive line improve quite a bit from last season.


3. Tampa Bay Bucs —Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

The big guy out of Nebraska would be the ideal pick for the Bucs to draft. He is a freakishly good athlete and would be an easy fit for Raheem Morris' defense.

Suh will also help the rest of the defensive line when he becomes one of the most double-teamed guys on the defensive line. What that will do is free up the rest of the defensive line of the Bucs and will help their line make more plays.

There is no way the Bucs will pass up talent like Suh.


4. Washington Redskins —Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa

I'm going out on a limb here but I think the Redskins will go after Bulaga out of Iowa.

Although many people do have Clausen going here, I think Shanahan will give Jason Campbell a chance and bring him some talent up front by selecting Bulaga.

Bulaga will be a real help on pass protection since Washington gave up the fourth-most sacks as a team last year.


5. Kansas City Chiefs —Eric Berry, S, Tennessee

The Chiefs will go against what Scott Pioli wants and select the best remaining player in the draft.

There has not been a safety with this much hype since the late Sean Taylor. Berry is a player with great speed, great size, and great athleticism.

He could easily make a impact early on in the Chiefs secondary with his abilities and the hard hits he lays down on opposing quarterbacks, just ask Tim Tebow.


6. Seattle Seahawks —Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma

Pete Carroll does not like to waste talent, so with his first pick as a Seahawk, Carroll will draft the most talented and the best player available in the draft.

A player who most compare to Kevin Williams from Minnesota, McCoy is a natural leader who can really help shape up the defensive line for the Seahawks.

McCoy is a great interior pass rusher, which is something the Seahawks lacked last year.


7. Cleveland Browns —Jason Pierre-Paul, DE/OLB, South Florida                                    
This might be a surprise to most, but with the recent trade for Sheldon Brown, this would be the smartest pick for the Browns.

The Browns are in need of a pass rushing outside linebacker and maybe someone who can move to defensive end as well because of the trade to Oakland for Kamerion Wimbley.

Pierre-Paul is a huge and athletic freak that can help the Browns no matter what position they place him at.


8. Oakland Raiders —Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama

As much as the offensive line needs fixing for the Raiders this year, Al Davis will not be so stupid enough to pass on linebacker Rolando McClain.

With Kirk Morrison soon to be leaving the Raiders this year, the Raiders will be very interested in McClain. McClain is a player with good size and speed and is a monster at stopping the run.


9. Buffalo Bills —Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

Finally, Jimmy Clausen will be chosen and will not have to wait to get his name called.

Clausen will be the starter for the Bills on day one and can put the Bills back on top of the AFC East soon. He has great size for a quarterback and can make throws at the NFL level.

He will be able to start helping the Bills rebuild as soon as possible.


10. Jacksonville Jaguars —Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma St.

Yeah, I bet you were surprised I didn't place Tebow or another pass rusher up here for the Jaguars, but what is the point when the most important need for the Jaguars this year is a wide receiver.

David Garrard is still a good quarterback, but with no one to throw to, the Jaguars will have to draft Dez Bryant. Bryant is a great athlete that can make tough catches and will be a tremendous help to the wide receiver core of the Jaguars.


11. Denver Broncos (CHI) —Carlos Dunlap, DE/OLB, Florida

This might be the biggest reach in the draft, but the Broncos might just reach out for Dunlap at the 11th pick.

Although a lot of people think Dunlap will fall down a lot lower to maybe the 16th or 17th pick, there is no way that the Broncos can let a person who fits two of their needs go.

The Broncos are in need of both a defensive end and a linebacker and there is no passing-up someone who can play both those positions well. Dunlap is super athletic and a player with great size that could help the Broncos defense immensely.


12. Miami Dolphins —Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee

The team known for choosing good players in the first round of the draft every year will draft a great defensive tackle in Dan Williams.

Williams, is the best defensive tackle not named Ndamukong Suh or Gerald McCoy. He has top-10 potential and is a quick, athletic defensive tackle that will address the needs of the Dolphins.

With Jason Ferguson becoming a free agent and being suspended for the first eight games next year, there is no doubt the Dolphins should grab Williams.


13. San Francisco —Joe Haden, CB, Florida

The most obvious pick for 49ers this year would be Haden out of Florida.

He has great run and pass coverage as a defensive back and will be a help for the 49ers secondary from day one.

The 49ers are in desperate need of help in the secondary and Haden will be able to give them the help they need. He has very good instincts and has the size and build of a good NFL cornerback already.


14. Seattle Seahawks (DEN) —Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers

The first pick that the Seahawks had, they selected a defensive tackle, but with this pick they will go opposite of that and select a big offensive tackle in Anthony Davis.

The Seahawks are in desperate need of an offensive tackle and Anthony Davis is the best guy available. Davis, is a player with great size and athleticism that Pete Carroll can coach into a superstar.


15. New York Giants —Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Missouri

It might be a bit of a reach to select Sean Weatherspoon so soon, but the Giants are desperate for a good linebacker.

Weatherspoon is a guy that will be a perfect fit for new defensive coordinator, Perry Fewell's, 4-3 defense.

Weatherspoon is an athletic and quick linebacker that can play both inside and outside linebacker for the Giants. He would be a solid pick for the Giants at pick No. 15.


16. Tennessee Titans —Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech

The player that has experienced the biggest fall in this draft will finally be selected by the team that has the potential to be a Super Bowl-contending team next season.

Derrick Morgan will finally be selected by the Tennessee Titans in this years draft. After losing both Kyle Vanden Bosch and Javon Kearse during the offseason, the Titans are in desperate need of a defensive end and there is no defensive end, in the draft, better than Derrick Morgan.

Morgan is a work-horse defensive end that will provide the Titans with a great all-around defensive lineman.


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