NFL: What Is Brett Favre's Legacy?

Nick Caso@ncaso1989Analyst IJuly 12, 2008

With all the stories going around of Brett Favre wanting to come back and then changing his mind, it got me thinking: what is Brett Favre's legacy?

Over the last few years, Favre has toyed with the Packers by taking months to decide whether he wanted to play again.  After this past season, he retired and we would never see No. 4.  Or so we thought.

As usual, Brett Favre has caused the fans and players stress, as they do not know who will be taking the snaps come Week One of this upcoming season. He has asked the Packers to release him so he is able to sign with another team.

Favre is hurting his legacy by doing this.  He is basically telling the Packers they have to base their off-season around him, which is not right.

The Packers go out on a limb for Favre every single year, and he repays them by saying, "After all you have done for me, I don't want to play for you anymore."

You may be thinking, "Well, look at his numbers; he is one of the best ever to play the game. He has every right to take as much time as he needs."

Here's the thing: he does not have the right to do this. No matter what Favre's decision is, the season is going to start, and it is not going to wait for him.

It is not fair to the fans or the players that he does this year after year.  After all, by the time Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have finished their respective careers, what will Brett's legacy be?

When you look at all of Favre's stats, you are amazed by some of these numbers. He is the all-time leader in just about every category. However, over the next few years, Manning will be breaking many of them. 

Manning is 20,000 yards away from Favre's all-time lead in passing yards; that is less than five seasons for Peyton.

Favre holds the all-time touchdown record with 442; Manning has already thrown 306.

Peyton averages 30.6 touchdowns per season and would need to keep that up for just over four more seasons and he will pass Brett.

Favre has always been known as an "iron man." Well, Manning is something of an "iron man" himself.  Favre has started 253 straight games at quarterback and has not finished a game only six times due to injury.

Manning is second on the list all-time with 160 straight starts, and has only missed one play in his career due to injury. I know Manning is still 93 starts away from tying this record, but his past shows that it should not be a problem.

Brett is also the all-time leader in interceptions, a stat he is probably not proud of.  Manning is on pace to throw fewer interceptions as well.

Until last season, Tom Brady was just a winner; he was not much of a statistical quarterback.  However, now Brady has a great offense and will work on his stats. 

Favre has only one Super Bowl ring to show for his illustrious career. Brady tied that in his first year as a starter and has three in all.

Favre does have three NFL MVP awards, the most in the history of the NFL.  Manning has already won two and has at least one more in him. 

Brady won his first MVP award last year, and over the next few years, he will continue to put up big numbers. 

Both Brady and Manning have higher career completion percentages, yards per completion, and a higher QB rating by a big margin. Favre as averaged over 16 interceptions per season for his career, Brady and Manning have averaged 11 and 15, respectively.

Now I am not saying that Favre is not a great quarterback, because he is.  He is one of the best to play the game.  However, I feel as if the last couple seasons of him toying with the hopes of fans and players for months at a time, has tarnished a great career.  

Now he wants to rid himself of some of the most dedicated fans in sports.  Brady and Manning have never done anything but win, (and in Manning's case, make great commercials), all while being a model for young kids by having that "team-first" attitude. 

I think that when it is all said and done, Favre will mostly be remembered for being so indecisive.  As his records will soon begin to fall he will be remembered as the quarterback who wanted the world to stop for him.  As I said before, it is not fair to all those guys who suit up everyday for practice not knowing if they will even have a job, but Brett takes all the time he wants knowing that his job is always safe.  His numbers are great but they will not stand forever, but his head games from the past few seasons will always be remembered.

I personally have had enough of Favre's games and just want them to stop.  I want him to retire and walk away from the game forever.  His time will come in five years when his name is on the ballot for the Hall of Fame, as no one currently deserves it more.  But, as I said, "enough is enough!"


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