When HAL Steinbrenner Speaks, NY Yankee Fans Sigh. No Deal Is Bad Deal for '08

Patrick ReadSenior Writer IJuly 11, 2008

Washington DC

July 11th, 2008

Hal Steinbrenner met with Joe Giradi on July 9th, last Wednesday; to discuss their shared displeasure in a clam, collective manner over the lack luster play by the professionals that continuously slump at the plate for the NY Yankees.

Now, enough of that, because I want HAL screaming-mad like the fans are over a team who is in denial of their failure in the last year of the "House that Ruth Built." I respect Girardi, who is like Billy Martin - one of the best managers of all times, and who was also a spark plug that ignited a more urgent team.

Apparently it only matters to the fans though, because after the closed door, seemingly soothing meeting, Hal stated that he is "disappointed by the Yankees play as of late, but not too much as to get rid of prospects for the veteran style player of yester-year."

Sure Hal, because who would want that type success?

These same type "veteran players" are the ones who brought the fans all those titles to celebrate, like Strawberry, Justice, Raines, Fielder, and Sierra-all were vets that didn't need to play to have affect, as their worth was realized while on the bench through what used to be be called "pinch hitting." 

But hey, at least they have Betemet, and Christian right?  Yes, because Christian won the game the other night with his speed alone.  Yes, which wouldn't have been necessary had the Yankees a Vet who could actually hit the ball. And don't foget the bench power in Jose Molina hitting a staggering .225? 

Moeller is the clearly the better bat at .260, and just as good behind the plate.  He has the non-lazy technique of old, getting low to the ground to get the ball low from the pitcher.  Chad Moeller uses his chest protector as his target, and not his out stretched glove like others.

Girardi said recently that "defense and pitching wins games," which might be true for other teams like those that he beat that day. Not gonna do it in NY now-a-day because it is not billy Martins' team of old, except that Abreu plays OF like Reggie. 

Joe knows better than most what kind of bat power the Yankees had in the 1990s, as he was the catcher for some of those teams.  The current Yankee style play is suited for those who have no cash, man.  Pitching and defense scored no body while runners sit in scoring positions night after night.

Pitching can hold the other team to two runs, and sometimes even one, but as too often seen this year when NY can not hit the ball then NY can not win.

Defense? Please tell me Joe that you were thinking of your days with the Marlins, because other wise explain Abreu.  Explain Molina.  Explain that question mark for a bench.  Better yet, don't.  It is pitching and hitting that wins games. 

Certainly Bobby Abreus' defensive woes has not won any games, and have cost more than one, while his bat has won games.  Hello, DH?

Today's Yankees have "perma-grin" as they collect their checks with a constant smile, remaining ever-so positive, and deny-deny-deny any real problems at all.  Older fans might like a Munson style Captain who had no problem getting in anybody's fish, and was the first to throw down with opposing teams as well. 

I want Jeter to go off already.  Yes, the Yankees are 8.5 games back, and were 10 at this time last year-but also had all healthy pitching to win games, plus Cano, and Cabrera actually hit the white ball to help win games.

With Wang out we should keep Dave Roberts instead of getting Clemens back who is a free agent still, because who needs records and wins anyhow.

So, the prospects will not be traded, and now have overtaken the team.  The minors have become the majors for the NY Yankees. If fans really wanted to watch them then they would go to Trenton, or Wilkes Barre.

I agreed with not selling the farm off for one who has had tendinitis of the elbow so badly that it was medically scoped, but that does not mean don't ever trade any of them.  There are about 15 of them that have played in the majors so far this year, and very few have had success.

Three of them were placed on the DL: Hughes broke the rib, Albaladejo the arm, and Kennedy is a head case- clearly he is not injured for real.

Girardi recently said tha Kennedy had lost his rotation spot, and had to prove his worth in the minors to earn it back. So, trade him Joe! Why wait? Nab Matt Holliday!

Who else?  Well the Yanks have Edwar Ramirez, Ross Ohlendorf, Dan Giese, Justin Christian, Brett Gardner, Daryl Rasner, Kei Igua-who will not be traded because he is the highest paid minor leaguer of all, but I am not done.  There is Jackson, Tabata, Horne, Shelley Duncan and his kid brother too.  Wait, still not done.  Two years removed with "small salaries" are Cano and Cabrera too.

No trading Rasner, Giese, or Ohlendorf for this Yankee man, no way.  BUT, the rest? You better believe they are bait, or these two running the team are not their fathers' boys, who went against Billy Martins' advice, and obtained a high powered bat in Reggie.

Hey, at least Cano and Cabrera smile and are happy, right? They are bait too as made evident in the off season offer of Cabrera for Santana, but that was quickly pulled off the table.

Now, I can know for sure that the Yankees have given this year to the dogs (no offense to Joey Chestnut), and maybe saving some of this crowd for off season moves, like for CC Sabathia. There are a myriad of other free agents as well, but CC should be at the top of the off season list.

What power bat is available that requires no trade of any prospects, and asks only for the league required minimum? Bring on Barry Bonds and don't sell me that the Yankees are above that "controversy" either.  There is plenty of negative media attention focused on the Yanks already. 

Is there controversy on the Yanks right now? You bet, and your reading one of their biggest defenders of all.  I am sure A-Rod and the others would love a break from the probing eye of the media camera. I know I would love the break too. 

To name a few, scandal follows my man "Lefty" better known as Pettitte, my boy Giambi -who ESPN just reminded all of last night, not too mention another favorite Mike Mussina, whose head was being called for by some during the off season.  Last, and in no way least are the A-Rod's escapades, who I also defend as well. 

What pink elephant in the room?

The Yanks, having the largest, most rich legacy of all, are the only ones suited to absorb Bonds and his surrounding issues.  Plain and simple.  Fix the offense and show the fans that you're still in it to win it and hire on Bonds.

Or let George Mitchell take over the GM role, because he may as well  with the affect he has had in the Yankees being sought out and destroyed in his love letter. 

ESPN is paying homage to the Stadium, and at least has had the on-going coverage which either celebrates the Yankee history or the fact that it is coming to an end.

 It was once said, "Winning isn't an important thing in NY - it's the only thing in NY."

This season, the last in The Stadium, is shameful so far to the fans. The Yanks have one shot at the last year, and then it is no more.

Hitting and the offense, that's what NY does, or use to anyhow. 


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