Rumors Persist: Trade Chatter Picks Up After Owners Meeting

Anti RavisContributor IMarch 24, 2010

After Andy Reid admitted that the Eagles were in fact “entertaining offers” for one of their quarterbacks at the NFL Owners Meeting yesterday, Philadelphia at last creaked stubbornly into movement, unsettling the dust of an until now languished off-season. It seems as though the Eagles’ hand has finally been forced. They simply cannot maintain the air of indifference that would keep three starting quarterbacks on their roster for only one more year.

Reid was not, however, forthcoming with which quarterback(s) would be most easily pried from their stiff little fingers. The prevailing consensus is that the going price for Michael Vick is a second-round draft pick; for Donovan McNabb, a first-round pick; and for Kevin Kolb, two first-round picks. The value system at play is a trademark instance of the Eagles philosophy: they don’t want a chance at a Super Bowl, they want multiple chances at a number of Super Bowls. The Eagles are always going to place a premium on the draft, youth and long-term ability and shy away from the free-agent spending sprees that might give a team one good year and headaches for the next five.

So where could McNabb end up? We all know the teams by now. Shortly before Reid’s meeting with media yesterday, the 49ers were the favorite destination in the rumor mill, but since then the team has come forward with another endorsement of Alex Smith. Someone in the NFC West needs to wise up because the entire division seems mired in apathy. Arizona is sticking with Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson. Seattle is putting their faith in Matt Hasselbeck and Charlie Whitehurst. The 49ers are deluding themselves with their trust in Alex Smith and would probably be the only team in the league who could benefit the most from a veteran quarterback. There has been so much conjecture about which team is just a quarterback away from Super Bowl contention and the truth is that the only team that would fit the bill is San Francisco.

As news hit the ground in Philly this morning, The Inquirer’s Jeff McLane came forth with the news that the offer for the Rams’ second-rounder was still on the table. It was believed that the Rams would be pursuing quarterback Sam Bradford with the first pick in the draft, but the fact is that scenario would be borderline batshit crazy. In all likelihood, the Rams are feeding some smoke into the phonelines in order to get some team to trade up for the first overall pick. The Rams would love to move back and earn themselves more picks later in the draft. Although they’ve reiterated their lack of interest in trading for an Eagles quarterback, if they find a suitor for the first pick overall, expect them to jump for McNabb with their second-rounder not long after.