2010 NFL Draft: Burnt Orange to Brown? McCoy Ideal QB for Holmgren

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2010 NFL Draft: Burnt Orange to Brown? McCoy Ideal QB for Holmgren
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Mike Holmgren is a quarterback guru.  He knows quarterbacks and he knows what he likes.

Holmgren’s ideal quarterback is in Seattle in the form of Matt Hasselbeck and there is no doubt the Browns' new President will do his best to replicate the offense and personnel he put together in the Emerald City.

While there have been rumors about the Browns having interest in Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen, Holmgren has made it pretty clear these are only rumors and that he has very little interest in making that move in the upcoming NFL draft.

Looking at the quarterbacks in the draft, there is only one guy that fits the Hasselbeck mold—Colt McCoy.

The offense run in Austin at the University of Texas is very similar (from a passing standpoint) to what Holmgren likes to do in the NFL. 

His philosophy is to get the ball out of the quarterback’s hands as quickly as possible and get it into the hands of his playmakers. 

Short, five-to-10 yard passes (mostly slants) are what make his offense work. 

McCoy has proven that he can be successful in this type of offense. 

He is accurate on short slants, yet has the arm strength to get the ball down the field if necessary. 

Holmgren has made it very clear that he is in the market for a speedy, deep-threat wide receiver that will stretch defenses, so arm strength will be a factor in his quarterback decision.

McCoy has the arm strength and also the agility to move around that Hasselbeck once had.

The Browns have made it pretty obvious with the signing of Jake Delhomme that they are not looking to the draft to find their 2010 starting quarterback.  They are looking to draft someone that can be groomed for a year or two under Delhomme and then hopefully become the franchise quarterback that they aimed for when drafting Brady Quinn.

McCoy has added value in the draft in the sense that the Browns would not have to move up to get him.  He should be available in the early to mid-second round, where the Browns have a pick. 

Prediction: Colt McCoy will be picked by the Browns with the 39th overall pick.

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