Looking Ahead: NFL 2010 Mock Draft

Carlos MonagasContributor IIJanuary 19, 2010

NEW YORK - APRIL 25:  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell introduces Detroit Lions #1 draft pick Matthew Stafford at Radio City Music Hall for the 2009 NFL Draft on April 25, 2009 in New York City  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
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Hello, NFL fans. For most of us it is time once again to speculate and dream about how  will our teams improve through the draft.  For some of us, this is a bittersweet moment and one that is up for an incredible amount of debate and discussion.

Now, I know that there are hundreds of this mock drafts rolling around online made by the so called "experts" (those of you that are familiar with me know that I really dislike those people) that give extensive reasons on why a certain team will go a particular route. 

In this mock, I will use rating information on the players that have declared from Scouts inc. and USA Today Sports in conjunction with the draft order and the team's biggest area of need while taking into account the draft history of some of the more established GMs in the league.

As far a the draft order I will do a bit speculation on the remaining four teams as well as those spots that will require a coin toss to determine.

So, here are my two cents, hope you like it.

St. Louis Rams: Ndamukong Suh DT

While the Rams have a bigger need at QB there is no question that Suh is a rare talent and one that would be a mistake for the Rams to pass Suh and reach on a QB.  Spagnulo does have some young talent along the defensive line, but the addition of Suh will give him talent on a similar scale to what he had in NY, and we all know what he can do with that.


Detroit Lions: Gerald McCoy DT

Coach Jim Schwartz and GM Mayhew will look to give the Lions defensive front a playmaker with similar skills to Albert Haynesworth, a player Schwartz coached while with the Titans.  McCoy is the prototypical three technique DT with an elite first step and well above average strength, while smaller than Haynesworth, McCoy does have the skills that Schwartz looks for.


Tampa Bay Bucs: Eric Berry S

If indeed the Bucs keep Morris around as their head coach, all signs point to that they will, he will look to continue to rebuild the defense with this pick.  Berry played in a similar system in college and his skill set is unmatched.  This also happens to be one of their biggest areas of need, along with the defensive and offensive lines.


Washington Redskins: Russell Okung OT

New coach Mike Shannahan will look to Rebuild the aging offensive line and install his now infamous running system which RB Clinton Portis will be more than glad to see.  Okung might lack ideal weight but there is no question about his strength, size, speed, and arm length, which make him the ideal Shannahan lineman.


Kansas city Chiefs: Trent Williams OT

The Chiefs need a lot of help but a team's heart and soul are the offensive and defensive lines, since the best talent on the defensive side of the line has been taken, I believe the Chiefs look to rebuild a very poor O-line with this pick.  Williams has all the skills to be a shut down tackle in the NFL and he will anchor the Chiefs' O-line for the next decade.


Seattle Seahawks: Joe Haden CB

Whoever the new coach in Seattle is this year is probably aware that their biggest need might be QB; however, at No. 6 is way to early to take one this year.  Haden makes good sense here for the Seahawks as he will help a defense that took a step backwards this last season.


Cleveland Browns: Derrick Morgan DE

The Browns are in dire need of playmakers in the defensive front seven and Morgan is a perfect specimen for a five technique DE in the 3-4.  Morgan's Versatility as a five technique DE that can rush the passer or anchor down against the run will be a welcome addition.


Oakland Raiders: Carlos Dunlap DE

I am not going to pretend to know what the Raiders will do come draft day but Dunlap makes sense for a team that will probably loose Richard Seymore during the offseason.


Buffalo Bills: Anthony Davis OT

The Bills' O-line suffered some set backs after they sent Peters to Phili, this will give them a solid tackle in Davis.  While Davis does have some baggage, he has all the skills needed to be a more than solid left tackle for years to come.


Jacksonville Jaguars*: Navorro Bowman OLB

The Jaguars are a solid team that is on the rise and the emergence of their young receiving group is exciting after their long search.  The Jaguars' biggest needs are on the defensive side of the ball and while they might jump on a safety like Taylor Mays they have a bigger need to upgrade the OLB spot.  Bowman will be an immediate upgrade at the position and give them much needed underneath coverage skills.


Denver Broncos*: Rolando McClain ILB

While the Broncos defense did take some strides this past season they could still use help in the front seven.  McClain will be an upgrade over the very good Andra Davis and will provide DJ Williams with a more adequate partner on the inside.

McClain does lack some range but does more than make up for it with his instincts and nose for the ball, plus he is more than adequate in coverage.


Miami Dolphins: Dez Bryant WR

The Dolphins have a stellar running game and an up and coming defense, their biggest needs might just be WR and NT.  As it is too early to take the best NT prospects (both Scouts inc. and USA Today have Cody and Williams going in the second round) they should go with the very talented Bryant, he will provide an upgrade and will eventually become their number one receiver.


San Francisco 49rs: Sergio Kindle OLB

While the 49rs defense wa good during this past season they could still use a threat against the pass and Kindle will provide just that.  While he is a little weak against the run he makes up for it with a non stop motor and great closing speed to the ball carrier.


Seattle Seahawks: Sam Bradford QB

At No. 14, the Seahawks might as well take a flier on injured QB Bradford, if healthy he will be the QB of the future and will provide better insurance if Hasselbeck just happens to get hurt.


NY Giants: Brandon Spikes ILB

While the Giants experienced a bevy of injuries on the defense this past season the worst might have been Pierce.  The MLB suffered a neck injury and is in his last year of his contract, drafting Spikes will provide insurance if Pierce is not back to his old self.


Titans: Jason Pierre-Paul DE

The Titans could use some help along the D line whose is showings signs of aging at the DE spot and drafting Pierre-Paul will give them a future star pass rusher.


San Francisco 49rs:   Patrick Robinson CB

While Haden is the best prospect at CB coming out this year, Robinson would be an upgrade for the 49rs and provide depth. 


Steelers:   Bruce Campbell OT

Campbell is a very good prospect at the OT position, while he is still a bit raw and could benefit from another year in college his overall skill set might be too good for the Steelers, who are in need of O-line help, to pass.


Texans: Earl Thomas S

The Texans could use help in the secondary and while Taylor Mays is still around, Thomas is more polished and a lot better in coverage.


Falcons: Bruce Carter OLB

The Falcons need help at corner, but the two best CBs are already off the board, so they look to solidify their LB core with Carter, who is a bit undersized but is rangy and has great instincts.


Bengals: Taylor Mays S

The Bengals don't need much this coming draft but with the talent that Taylor Mays possesses it would be hard to pass him up.  He would be an upgrade in coverage and is very good in run support, although a bit raw, in Cincy he will have the luxury learning from one of the best teachers in the game in Marvin Lewis.


Patriots: Ricky Sapp DE/OLB

The Patriots need to find a pass rush and Sapp is the best available and the only one worth taking at this spot.


Packers: C.J. Spiller RB

The Packers don't need much, but Spiller would be a great change of pace RB, and he is a threat as a receiver out of the backfield or when he lines up in the slot.


Eagles: Bryan Bulaga OT/OG

The Eagles could use some help at safety but taking one now would be a reach.  Bulaga has great size and ability plus he has the frame to add more bulk if necessary, while he might not be the best tackle in this years draft he could move to guard where he could dominate.


Ravens: Golden Tate WR

While the Ravens would much rather have Dez Bryant (or Brandon Marshall) that scenario is not happening unless they trade up to get him which I don't think they will.  Tate has skill and speed and will be a welcome addition for QB Joe Flacco who is lacking weapons.


Cardinals: Jermaine Gresham TE

The Cardinals have a need along the O-line, but it's too early to take any of the one who are left, Gresham will help in the running game and is a rare combination of height, weight, and speed that the Cardinals shouldn't pass up.


Cowboys: Vladimir Ducasse OT/OG

The Cowboys showed a lack of depth along the offensive line against the Vikings and drafting a guy like Ducasse will fix that.  Vladimir can play tackle or guard, and while I think he might be better suited for guard, he does have the skill set to be a good RT.


Chargers: Jonathan Dwyer RB

The Chargers have a couple of needs and one of them is RB.  While Sproles is a great returner and change of pace back, he is too small to handle a full load. 

LT hasn't been the same in a couple of years and that leaves the Chargers with a need at RB.  Dwyer is big enough to handle the bulk of the load and has very good vision, he could, combined with Sproles, give the Chargers a great one two punch which San Diego lacked this season.


NY Jets: Dan Williams DT

The Jets under Rex Ryan have a great defense, but a little depth at the NT position would be a welcomed addition.  Williams has enough versatility to move to DE in certain situations given Rex a chance to give even more varied looks.


Saints: Sean Weatherspoon OLB

While the Saints could use some help along the D-line, they should give their young Dlinemen a chance to develop.  Perhaps a more pressing need is giving Vilma more help along the LB core and Sean Weatherspoon would give them a better playmaker at the position.


Colts:   Marvin Austin DT

Drafting Marving Austin would continue the resurgence of the Colts run D and give defensive coordinator Larry Coyer the type of DT he wants.


Vikings:   Brian Price DT

While it is unclear whether Price will enter the draft, he will give the Vikings depth along the D-line.  He would also be the future starter behind aging stars Pat and Kevin Williams.


Alright guys, there you have the first round, and I will give you the second round in a couple of days.


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