The "B" List: Slippers, Sleepers and Steals

Joseph BurkeyAnalyst IJanuary 8, 2010

ST. LOUIS - JANUARY 3: Josh Morgan #84 of the San Francisco 49ers carries the ball during the game against the St. Louis Rams at the Edward Jones Dome on January 3, 2010 in St. Louis, Missouri.  The 49ers beat the Rams 28-6.  (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

This should be my last (hopefully I can stop thinking about this) Draft article until the combine, at which point I'll take everything I've said so far, discredit it and go the other way with it. And really, this is more of a list of players who have caught my attention weather in bowl games or just on the stat and attribute sheets. I give some attention to 49ers needs, but admit I have little idea still as to who is coming out and declaring eligible this season.

Whatever - in no particular order - here it goes:

1 Terrance Cody - NT - 'Bama.  6'4"  With all the talk about Ndamukong Suh this year, this guy has fallen into the shadows. I don't know how anyone could lose track of him. The man's weight has been said to fluctuate from 365 to 385.  I hear he can dunk and do a back-flip (but not at the same time.) And somehow, I hear he's said to be a late 1st to early 2nd rounder. This is ridiculous, especially to a 49ers fan whose team may lose its nose this off-season.He also does the goal line fullback thing pretty well.

2 Brandon Deaderick - DT - 'Bama.  6'4, 296. Although smaller around than Cody, this guy has some toughness that I'm not about to dispute. Read for yourself:

"Alabama defensiveve end Brandon Deaderick was shot in the forearm Monday night during an apparent robbery attempt in the parking lot of a local apartment complex. Deaderick was treated at the emergency room at the DHC Regional Medical Center with a non-life-threatening wound and was admitted to the hospital, according to hospital spokesperson Brad Fisher....The incident happened at approximately 10:40 p.m. in the 200 block of Marina Drive, off Rice Mine Road north of the Warrior River."The victim and an acquaintance were exiting a vehicle," said Capt. Greg Kosloff, spokesperson for the Tuscaloosa Police Department, reading from the incident report. "A black male, approximately 5--foot-9 and 140 pounds, in dark clothing, demanded money. The victim refused. A scuffle ensued. The victim was shot in the arm. The suspect fled." Deaderick, a senior from Elizabethtown, Ky., is a returning starter on the Tide's defensiveve line. In 14 starts last season, he had 36 tackles and four sacks." -

Damn! This says to me he isn't afraid of pain and doesn't crack or back down under stressful situations. He also show up on game day.

3 - Barry Turner - DE - Nebraska. 6'3" 265. 4.85 40 time.  I'm actually very biased and like Nebraska players but people need to remember Suh isn't the only lineman on that defense.

4 Jermaine Cunningham - DE - Florida. 6'3" 252.  4.68 40 time.

5  Greg Hardy - DE - Ole' Miss. 6'4" 265.  4.58 40 time.  Not a sleeper but a possible slipper. If he's out of the top 10, I call that a huge slip.

6 Carlos Dunlap - DE - Florida. 6'6  290. Another huge talent rusher. Belongs in top 10 but could fall due to attitude issues.

Keep your eye on:

Rahim Alem - DE - LSU.  6'4 265. 4.79 40 time

Alex Daniels - DE - Cincinnati.  6'3 252.  4.74 40 time

Moving on to O-line:

1 Brandon Carter - OG - Texas Tech.  3'6  344 5.42, 40 time. This guy is a beast with some character issues, including a habit of wearing ugly-ass makeup and goofy lip rings. But he's still a beast.

2.1 Mike Johnson - OG - Alabama.  6'5  305.   5.38 40 time.

2.5 Drew Davis - OT - Alabama. 6'5  305.  5.20 40 time.

Someone paved the way for this years Heisman, Mark Ingram.

3 Jared Veldheer - OT - Hillsdale.  6'8 321.  Big. Even if he is Division II.

4 Jacob Hickman - C - Nebraska.  6'4 292. 5.29 40 time.  The game is won and lost at the snap of the ball. One position touches the ball on every offensive play - and has to block. Think about it - this guy had to practice against Suh.

Keep your eye on:

Chris Marinelli - OT - Stanford.  6'7 305.  5.23 40 time.

Thomas Austin - OG - Clemson. 6'3 310. 5.15 40 time.

Andrew Lewis - OG - Oklahoma. 6'4 292. 5.23 40 time.

Now, OLB

1 Ricky Sapp - OLB - Clemson.  6'4  248.  4.58 40 time.

2 Sean Weatherspoon - OLB - Missouri.  6'1  245.  4.59 40 time.

3 Dekoda Watson - OLB - FSU. 6'2  226. 4.640 Time.

That's is kinda boring this year. Lets try CB

1 Joe Haden - CB - Florida.  5'11 195  4.4 40 time. Possibly the only corner back considered a 'lock' this year, and I never call corners a lock for anything.  If he's available past the top 10, I'll $hit a chicken.

2 Patrick Robinson - CB - FSU.  5'11 194. Also a good corner, but could slip a bit.

3 Javier Arenas - CB - 'Bama. 5'9 198. 4.57 40 time. I see a championship team full of championship players. Arenas not excluded.

4 Myron Lewis - CB - Vanderbilt. 6'2 205.  4.52 40 time. He's big. He's bad. He's a pro- caliber CB.

5 Jarrard Tarrant - CB - Georgia Tech.  6'1  187. 4.5 40 time. This one is very difficult, and I don't know that he will declare draft eligibility for a year or so.  Tarrent has had minimal impact for Tech due largely to an off-field incident resulting in (hold your breath) his suspension, arrest on charges of rape, a shadowy story reaching the forefront, eventual dropping of charges, and his reinstatement to the team. He had been a mediocre ACC corner for the most part. I did, however, see flashes of potential greatness in his 2010 Orange bowl performance. His pick-6 and forced fumble early in the game showed what he is capable of. Getting burned and out-jumped for touchdowns, however, showed potential weaknesses. I was genuinely impressed by his play in the Orange Bowl, but currently wouldn't touch him with a ten-foot pole. Maybe a seventh-round pick. Tragically, no matter how great a DB he becomes this will always be there. And he will never be considered an early-round pick.

Awkward. On to WR!!!

1 Jorden Shipley - WR - Texas. 4.4 40 Time.  You know how people keep saying "How did everybody pass on Desean Jackson?" If Shipley falls past round 1, it's going to be the same song. This kid is good. His stats speak volumes:

"Jordan Shipley is an outstanding talent on both sides of the ball. He made All-State as a junior as a wide receiver and cornerback and was named the Texas 3A Offensive Player of the Year. Last season, he caught 79 passes for 1,717 yards and 22 touchdowns and scored 30 TDs overall. Defensively, he had 10 interceptions and returned three for scores. For his career, Shipley has returned 10 kickoffs and four punt returns for touchdowns." -

Well, damn. Throw him in with Crabtree, Davis, Morgan, Walker, and Gore; and if Alex Smith doesn't produce; hit the reset button on QB. He was projected to be a 3rd to 2nd rounder before the BCS game. We'll see where that goes, but he's a solid first-rounder to me.

after that I clump it into a couple categories of WR

Tall trees - Big targets; good for red-zone jump-balls:

Carlos Singleton - Memphis. 6'7  230  4.72 40.

Pat Simonds - Colgate - 6'6 222 4.58 40.

A.J. Jackson - California(PA). 6'5 230 4.62 40.

Bryan Anderson - Central Mich. 6'5 215  4.68 40.

David Nelson - Florida. 6'5 212  4.59 40.

Wes Lyons - West Virginia. 6'8 231 4.76 40.

Normal WRs: Boreing, but effective.

Taylor Price - Ohio. 6'1 212. 4.36 40.

Kelton Tindal - Newberry. 6'2 198  4.28 40.

And the Mighty Mouse! Undersized and Underated!

Trindon Holliday - LSU - 5'5 168  4.27 40.

Now Running Backs. The 49ers need something more than Frank Gore. Not a new back to run the show, but more supporting cast members in case Gore tires, or gets injured.

Jahveed Best - Cal. 5'10 195, 4.4 40. Cal bias aside, this guy has an awesome highlight reel, a nose for the endzone, and an awesome highlight reel. O did I say that one already? He just needs to make sure he doesn't jump up so high he doesn't come down...again...(Also returns kicks and punts.) Projected first or second round.

CJ Spiller - Clemson. 5-11, 195  4.37 40. Lightning. A top ten pick who might go in later first. (Also, also, returns kicks and punts.)

Dexter McCluster Ole' Miss. 5'7 268, 4.42 40.  This guy is way to small for the NFL. But so was Tony Dorsett.

Toby Gerhart - Stanford 6'1 235 4.55 40.  Now we're getting to the big guys. Smash mouth red zone guys. This one almost won a Heisman.

LeGarrette Blount - Oregon 6'1 240 4.58 40.  I don't think Coach Sing would have any trouble adjusting Blounts "attitude problems."


All I'm saying is Garrett Graham - FB Wisconson. Projected third round.

Also, Seddrick Halloway  FSU. 5'10 265. 4.73 40. Projected as undrafted. I don't see it.

Tight End

This is where it gets fun. With Burn'n Vernnon tearing up the field, and Walker to balance, the need for a tight end is minimal. Yet a solid run blocker with jump-ball skill is always welcome to a struggling offense, especially near the endzone.

Jermaine Gresham    Oklahoma    6'6  258   4.78  40

Jimmy Graham   Miami (Fla.)       6'8  260  4.72    40

Caz Piurowski    Florida State     6'7  272  4.90    40

Jeff Cottam    Tennessee          6'8  260  4.69   40

Anthony McCoy   USC              6-5  252   4.78    40 

Moving to safety: The 49ers are pretty good at Safety right now as well, but here are some players I like anyways.

 Larry Asante    SS    Nebraska       6-0   215  4.56  40

 Myron Rolle    SS    Florida State    6-2   223  4.67  40

 Justin Woodall    SS    Alabama      6-1   220  4.64  40

 Nate Allen    FS    South Florida    6-1    20   4.50   40

That covers every position and player that impressed me this season.  I figure many of these players and sleepers to slip out of the top 10, slide out of the top rounds, and end up being late round (or undrafted) steals.





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