Glenn Dorsey vs. Tyson Jackson: Who Has Been More Disappointing?

Jordan LanningCorrespondent IDecember 19, 2009

When the names Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson appear in your mind, many thoughts pop up.

Some good, some bad, but when you draft two defensive lineman in the top five during the last two drafts, you hope there is a bit more production to this point. But, to a certain extent there has been.

Glenn Dorsey's rookie season gave off some mixed feelings, he had just 46 total tackles (32 solo) and only sacked the quarterback once.

But in his "Sophomore" year, when some players production drops off, Dorsey's has slowly increased. With two games left to go, Glenn has 48 total tackles (two more than last year) and four more solo tackles (36) than in '08.

Tyson Jackson, on the other hand, has just 25 total tackles. Neither Dorsey nor Jackson has recorded a sack this season. I have been a little disappointed so far in the play of the rookie, Tyson Jackson.

We also must note that defensive linemen are the slowest positions to produce. Not many D-lineman go to the Pro Bowl as a rookie, it takes a couple years to develop. So to you Chiefs fans, the only thing I can tell you is to just be patient.

Patience is one word Chiefs fans are sick of hearing. But the fact is, the Chiefs won't be competing for a Super Bowl anytime soon, so all we can do is just be patient and hope for the best.

But now to the main question to this article, who has been the "biggest disappointment" so far? Glenn Dorsey or Tyson Jackson.

Glenn Dorsey had the most hype coming into his rookie season; many "experts" thought for sure he would win Rookie of The Year honors. He instead wasn't even in consideration come the end of the season.

Tyson Jackson, as everybody knew, was a reach at No. 3 and there wasn't nearly as much hype. He statistically has not performed well at all. But he really didn't put up great numbers at LSU either.

The Chiefs drafted him No. 3 overall because he was a "perfect fit" for the 3-4 defense they were switching to. He was extremely quick off the line of scrimmage. The only problem with that is that in the NFL, offensive lineman are much quicker as well.

I hope Jackson and Dorsey are both able to be worth the money the Chiefs forked over to them, but will they?

Dorsey is just 24 and Jackson is only 23, so their future still could become pretty bright, but if they don't turn out to be considered some of the best in the business, the Chiefs defensive line could and probably would be in deep turmoil for years to come.

So who has been the biggest disappointment so far? My pick is Tyson Jackson, because of where we drafted him and the lack of productivity we have received in return.