The Unbreakable Jim Zorn

Jarrett CarterAnalyst IOctober 24, 2009

LANDOVER, MD - OCTOBER 18:  Washington Redskins head coach Jim Zorn talks with quarterback Todd Collins #15 during their game against the Kansas Chiefs October 18, 2009 at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland. The Chiefs won the game 14-6.  (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

It’s hard to tell what is a sicker part of the entire Washington Redskins-Jim Zorn saga, the fact that Daniel Snyder is arrogant enough to publicly humiliate his head coach without firing him, or that Jim Zorn has enough resolve to stick it out for the money.

Obviously, Snyder’s foolishness has the staying power of 10 years of futility, but there is something admirable about Jim Zorn’s refusal to buckle to the whim of a petulant billionaire .

This same guy, beloved by his players for his folksy, stay-medium approach to life and vocation, is anything but when it comes to maintaining his integrity, and getting his money.

And he, like Snyder has become so accustomed to doing over the course of his business career, is dictating the deal...for the better or worse of the Redskins.

It seems so far away that the Skins’ were 6-2, and people were lauding the play calling and the direction of the team. Now, at 2-4, things have fallen apart right at Snyder’s doorstep.

No one blames Zorn for doing the thing’s he knows or doesn’t know how to do. His merit as a head coach and coordinator have been questioned since he was hired.

Instead, Snyder has managed to become reviled and revered at the same time. Fans are in all-out revolt mode against the Redskins , but at the mere mention of the words ‘fired’ or ‘new playcaller,’ the sheep are all too happy to once again obliged the Snyder money machine.

As if that makes everything all better.

While everything crumbles around the Redskins franchise, the one person that everyone expects to fold like a wetnap is standing tall. Jim Zorn can’t be bought, can’t be broken and can’t be forced out.

You can question his playcalling , but with the way he’s handled the last week of his professional career, can you really blame his qualities as a leader and model of grace?

Not really. And in many ways, that makes him a great head coach.

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