The Gateway Drug: Chicago Media

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The Gateway Drug: Chicago Media

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, and mine is simple: I am obsessed with the media.  Living in Chicago, I am exposed to so many media outlets that I find it hard to do anything else but read, listen and react.  Whether it be radio, print, or television, the media controls a majority of my day.  Here are a few of my favorite types of media in Chicago:



"Mike & Mike" - Top sports radio show in the country and are seen live on cable television daily.

"Waddle and Silvy" - Very entertaining show that is a must-listen for me each day.

The Score

"Mully and Hanley" - Perfect combination of Chicago talent.  Bulls and Bears experts.  One is a Cubs fan, the other a Sox fan.

"The Me Show with Laurence Holmes" - Under-rated show with great Bears insight.


Sun Times

Jay Mariotti - You love him or hate him, and I love him.  He will stop at nothing to put the White Sox, and anyone else who he doesn't like, in the worst light possible.

Greg Couch - Uses a different writing style that reads fast.  Sometimes hard to figure out what his point is.

Mike Mulligan - Respected columnist who knows the Bears organization better than any writer in Chicago.

Brad Biggs - Dedicated to being at the right place at the right time and getting it out there as fast as possible.

Chicago Tribune

Dan Pompei - NFL columnist who does a lot of research and isn't afraid to go against the grain.

Phil Rogers - Chicago's most respected baseball writer.

Teddy Greenstein - Media specialist who is a fantastic writer and writes must-read columns weekly.

Paul Sullivan - Great sense of humor and the players trust him and give him the better inside information.

David Haugh - Little bit of a homer, but always gets the scoop first.

Agreements? Disagreements? For those who have listen to these shows and read these columnists, who do YOU dislike; always have to read/listen?

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