J.J. Watt and Arnold Schwarzenegger Take Selfie in Front of Arnold Statue

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistMarch 5, 2016

via @JJWatt

This J.J. Watt-Arnold Schwarzenegger friendship will never not be awesome.

It all began last year, with Watt doing a perfect impression of Schwarzenegger. The Governator said the Houston Texans star should do voice-overs for him and endorsed the defensive end as the next Terminator. In June, the two even hung out at the CMT Music Awards.

When the Kansas City Chiefs eliminated Houston in the first round of the NFL playoffs in January, who was there to offer words of encouragement for Watt and the Texans? Schwarzenegger, of course.

It had been a month or so since we had heard anything from the dynamic duo. But at this weekend's Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio, the two reunited and took a selfie together—right in front of an Arnold statue.

Here's hoping Schwarzenegger will make his way down to Houston at some point next season to cheer on his buddy at a game.

[Twitter: J.J. Watt]