The Denver Broncos Dance on Snoop Dogg's Ashes After Playoff Win

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJanuary 18, 2016


Snoop Dogg is one of the more prolific jersey wearers of our time.

If you give him a jersey, he will wear it, because Snoop Dogg's favorite team is usually whoever he happens to be partying with at that exact moment in time. 

The one exception to the rule, however, is the Pittsburgh Steelers—Snoop's biggest and lone unwavering sports loyalty.

The only thing that can reduce Snoop Dogg to shambles quicker than Alonzo in Training Day is a Steelers loss, so that's exactly the soft spot the Denver Broncos went after.

The Broncos tweeted out a GIF on Monday morning celebrating Sunday night's 23-16 win over Pittsburgh. The GIF is Snoop dancing—a very petty but very Internet way of gloating:

Paul A. Hebert/Associated Press

I trust that whenever Snoop comes down enough to remember football is a thing, he'll see this and be very upset.

Or he'll continue living his life and being very rich and cool. It could go either way.

Dan is on Twitter. He wants to watch just one Steelers game with Snoop. Just one.