Fresh Take—Plaxico, Urban and Lane, Twitter and WNBA

SportsChLeagueContributor ISeptember 23, 2009

Do you want to hear a dirty joke?  A white horse ran through a mud puddle. 

Okay, I’ll stick with sports. So let’s jump right into today’s SCL’s Fresh Take.

It is sad day when someone appears in court and has to say goodbye to his young child and pregnant wife because he just received a prison sentence. It is even sadder when the person is a celebrity and possibly plays for your favorite NFL team. Plaxico Burress was escorted off to the Pokey yesterday for what will amount to an almost two-year incarceration for carrying a gun where he shouldn’t have. FOLKS! This is not the Wild West and plain ‘ole common citizens don’t need to be packing heat when they are in public. Where does this sub-culture come from? Where does the paranoia come from?

I’m in my 40s and have never even dreamt of carrying a gun in public. I don’t want to get shot and I don’t want to shoot anyone either. Maurice Clarrett was stopped a few years ago at 3 a.m., had an arsenal of weapons with him and was wearing a flap jacket. Good God! I’m looking at the back of my eyelids at three in the morning, not cruising the streets looking for a duel with Billy the Kid. Grow Up!

I think ‘ole Lane is starting to get to Urban. After Saturday’s 23-13 win over SEC rival Tennessee, Florida’s head coach Urban Meyer took a jab at the VOLS and their head coach Lane Kiffin. Meyer stated he didn’t think the boys from Rocky Top were playing to win.  Finally, Kiffin got the impenetrable and often stoic Meyer to roll around in the mud with him for a few rounds. Hook! Line! and Sinker! Lane went fishing and Urban took the bait.  I cannot believe Urban Meyer would fall for this but looks like he did. Looks like the young whipper snapper one-upped his elder counterpart from Gainesville. Here is some advice Urban, this is what the new guy is supposed to do, but you are not supposed to fall for it like you did. When Steve Spurrier was at Florida, he used this same old tactic for years trying to antagonize Kiffin’s predecessor Phillip Fulmer. Difference is...Fulmer never took the bait. This back and forth chiding will certainly bring this rivalry back to where it belongs. Game-On.

Did you see what Redskins rookie LB Robert Henson said about the Washington fans on his Twitter account? He called them ‘Dim Wits.’ Hey Roger (Goodell), you need to get your hands around this foolishness and rein in your flock so they don’t pull anymore of these bone-head moves like this again. This Twitter thing in sports has gotten out of hand and someone better recognize how to control it. Your constituency will not put up with the insults for long. Daniel Snyder, Jim Zone and the rest of the NFL team’s brain trust had better teach their employees a thing or two about Public Relations. This was so stupid. I am glad to see that Mr. Henson no longer has a Twitter account and hopefully someone pulled it like you would a teenager’s driver license.

Can you say Mendoza line? Mark Reynolds of the Arizona Diamondbacks struck out for the 206 time yesterday, surpassing his own major league mark of 204 from last year. Reynolds has some pretty decent numbers with his average at .266, 43 taters and 100 ribbies but surpassing the 200 mark is incredible. Babe Ruth never struck 100 times in a season, much less 200 times and he hit 714 bombs during his twenty-two year career and only K’d 1,330 times total. That is an average of 60 strikeouts per year for all you math majors. Good luck staying in the BIGS with those numbers Mark.

WNBA...Check please? This gig is over. The 13-year experiment called the WNBA has had to relocate its second event in as many weeks to a new venue because of scheduling conflicts with big boy sporting events. No one cares about the WNBA during this struggling economy and neither do I. Check please?

And that, my friends is what is HOT or NOT in sports. Join us again for the next SCL’s Fresh Take.