New England Patriots: The Patriots Have Reached Perfection On The Field and Off.

Carter JohnsonContributor IMay 16, 2008

No one can deny that the Patriots have had perfection on the field. The 16 regular season wins says it for itself. But the Patriots have achieved perfection on another field and another time. In the NFL Draft.

First i'll start will a background on their recent 1st round picks:

2001-Richard Seymour

2002- Daniel Graham

2003-Ty Warren

2004- Vince Wilfork, Ben Watson

2005- Logan Mankins

2006- Laurence Maroney

2007- Brandon Meriweather

2008- Jerod Mayo


Now look long and hard at this list.

Of these nine players, three of them have gone to the Pro Bowl. Seven of these players will be on the starting squad of the 2008 Patriots.

Even the ones that do not have a pro bowl appearances are still very valuable to the team. Many have won multiple Super Bowls for example Richard Seymour has three rings. Each and everyone of these players (excluding Mayo and Graham) had a large role in the perfect 2007 season.

The Patriots are one of the best clubs in the NFL when it comes to drafting. Period. These players are some of the best at their positions.  Not to mention the Asante Samuels and Dan Koppens taken on the second day.

When it comes time for the Patriots to pick a college player they don't go for the most stellar athlete or the player who had terrific stats; they focus on who will excel in the New England system.

Bill Belichick and Scott Pioli do a tremendous job when it comes to the draft. They may pick a certain player just to change his position. For example Brandon Meriweather. He was chosen as a Strong Safety and was moved all around the defense to play Free Safety and Corner.

That brings up another subject. The Patriots are excellent in moving players around. Bill Belichick has had Troy Brown, a Wide Rreceiver, playing anything from Corner to Quarterback. Coach Belichick just has an eye for versatility.

You never know with the Patriots or with any draft. Will you steal the next Tom Brady or pick a dud in the first round. That is the beauty of the Draft. It is all about chances and the trust you have in the players you pick.