The New NFL Rookies

Twins HinesCorrespondent IApril 29, 2008

There are people who stand out from the crowd. Those people have quickness, strength, commitment and are team leaders. These are the players that make it into the NFL.

Matt Ryan is the best quarterback in the NFL Draft but overall he is the 8th pick. Last year Matt Ryan had 4,507 yards in total and he had 31 touchdowns. His completion percentage was 59.3 and his longest throw last year was 71 yards. Matt Ryan has a lot of qualities one of them is he is a team leader. He can lead the team he’s going to. He can lead them through a great season or even a super bowl in the next years. He is tough enough that he can last through the NFL, he looks like he should have been playing in the NFL before. The Ravens might have Matt Ryan as their first pick because Matt can do well in Baltimore since Steve McNair retired. He can give the Ravens a good season and they might not win the super bowl but they will get far.

Darren McFadden is the best running back in the NFL Draft but overall his the 6th pick. Last year he ran for 1,830 yards, caught 164 yards and scored 17 touchdowns. Darren McFadden has quickness and speed, his opponent think he has a great combination of speed and strength. He has never fumbled or lost the ball, he carries the ball for about 5.5 yards. Darren can help a team a lot because he can carry the ball a long distance and give the team touchdowns. The New York Jets are looking into Darren to lead their team through this hard time. The Jets are having trouble scoring and getting to the post season and they hope that Darren can help them. I agree with picking Darren because he’s a very good running back because his strong and quick. Darren is also a very good student so it’s good that their picking someone that would listen to them and try their hardest.

Devin Thomas is the best wide receiver in the NFL Draft but overall his the 11th pick. Last year he caught for 79 times and had 1,260 yards. This guy is a strong player and has good hands. Devin didn’t play a lot his sophomore and freshman year but in his junior year he was a starter and he played excellent. His a junior entering the draft and his one of the best wide receivers. When he catches the ball he averages 15.9 yards per a catch. Devin is quick and is 6-2 a good size for a wide receiver. The team that is interested in him is the Buffalo Bills. They hope Devin can do something for them because they need a good wide receiver very badly. I agree with picking this guy because his very good and he would be a very good receiver for them.

Martellus Bennett is the best tight end in the NFL Draft but overall his the 41st pick. Last year he caught for 49 times and had a total of 587 yards, also scoring 4 touchdowns on the season too. This guy lacks explosiveness but has strength, toughness and great hands. He is able to be a good starting tight end. His another junior in this draft and his is going to the Buffalo Bills. Buffalo needs a strong tight end because they aren’t the best with the blocking their just okay. But they also need more good hands on the field so the quarterback can be confident that the ball can be caught.

John Greco is the best guard/center in the draft but overall his is the 53rd pick. This guy has started all games and has had 275 knockdowns. This guy is built tough, his size advantage him and also his athletic ability does too. This guy is huge and a great tackle, he can really protect the quarterback. The Steelers are looking in to him and they need him because they need help running and helping their quarterback. Their quarterback got sacked a lot last year. Plus they lost a lot of yards when running. John can help them by blocking and letting them get some yards.

Ryan Clady is the best offensives tackle in the NFL Draft but overall his the 4th pick. In his first season he made a 11 starts and his a strong guy. This guy can help you because he has a frame, quickness, and agility his great player. He is very strong and he can block great. This guy helped Boise State because he was a great tackle and protects the quarterback well. His going to the Raiders because they need a very good offensive tackle and this is the guy for them. He can lead this team through the offense and be very good player for the team. Maybe this year they would improve in their offense.

Chris Long is the best player in the NFL Draft his number 1. This guy is the best he can really do something in the NFL. Last year he had 79 tackles, 14 sacks, and 2 forced fumbles. This guy is an amazing tackler he can just really shut someone down. He got the Ten Hendrick Award the best defensive end of college gets it and his also the ACC Defensive Player of the Year. His also the son of NFL Hall of Fame Oakland Raiders defensive end Howie Long. Chris is going to Miami and Miami didn’t have a good year last year. Hopefully they can bring this guy in and he can do some damage because they really need help. This guy can make a difference for them.

Glenn Dorsey is the best defensive tackle in the NFL Draft but overall his the 5th pick He had 69 tackles and 7 sacks last year. He also had a forced fumble and 4 pass breakups. His amazing defensive player he can really do some damage especially if your defense is having some trouble. His might be going to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs need him because they want a great defense player. They need a strong team this year a team that’s going to the super bowl.

Keith Rivers is the best outside linebacker in the NFL draft but overall his the 16th pick in the NFL Draft. Last year he had 78 tackles and 3 fumble recoveries, he also had a forced fumble and four pass breakups. This guy is good he can defiantly help a team. His might be going to the Cardinals they are interested in him because they want a heavy defense this year. This guy definitely can help with stopping the run, his built strong so he can knock someone down. His also a great pick to stop the pass and can be really helpful in winning games.

Mike Jenkins best cornerback in the NFL Draft overall his the 7th pick. Last year he had 41 tackles, three interceptions and 12 pass breakups. He also played as someone who returns the kicks. He had 30.4 yards in total he had 9 attempts one he ran for 100 yards and got the touchdown. Mike is a very good player because he can play defense and return kick off. He might be going to the New England Patriots they are interested in him because his defense is incredible. His fast, is strong and is perfect for the position. He’s also a kickoff returner and can help if you need a fast one or if the guy is injured.

Kenny Phillips is the best safety in the NFL Draft but overall 48th pick. Last year he had 82 tackles with 54 unassisted tackles, he also had six tackles for lost. Also two interceptions, five pass breakups, and three forced fumbles. As you can see his very good player and he can play defense very well. He can jump high and that can definitely help a lot. He can run fast and can block anyone really. This year he went to the New York Giants because this year the Giants want an unstoppable defense. They want another super bowl win and trying to go undeafted.

I hope the draft goes well and look out for the NFL rookie stars.