Squirrel Streaks Across Field, Generally Dominates Indians Game in Progress

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In the second inning of Monday's game, the Indians and Royals had to pause the proceedings to admire a sports streaker of the adorable kind. 

The posted video is just the latest instance of a squirrel deciding that, indeed, the best action is on the field. Perhaps it's related to the animal that scurried across the field, interrupting the Cardinals' World Series run in 2011. 

Consider this a good omen, Indians fans, especially considering Cleveland eventually took the game, 4-3—something that was in the bag way back in the second inning. 

That's when a squirrel decided to prance about in the outfield before it decided the infield looked far more tantalizing. That's when the game was stopped for a brief spell, and the announcer wondered, "He may want a piece of the rosin bag."

That left the rest of the fans watching to shout out in unison, "Squirrel!"

Or maybe that was more of a terrified scream:  

Either way, the game continued after the animal got bored and left the grounds. Still, it left a lasting impression on those who enjoyed the brief respite from the game at hand. 

ESPN's report had as much coverage on the cute animal as it did the actual game. 

Nick Swisher, who feigned interest in making a squirrel grab with his glove, offered that this was one sizable party crasher: "I was like, 'C'mon over here and sit in my glove.' I thought maybe he'd sit on my shoulder like a parrot. I tell you what, that squirrel is eating, bro. That was a big squirrel." The Prince Fielder of squirrels, if you will. 

Royals skipper Ned Yost offered, "That little joker was frolicking. They could have arrested him for trespassing because he didn't have a ticket."

According to the report, this squirrel was quite determined to leave a lasting impression on the game: 

The squirrel was directed inside the Royals bullpen by some of the grounds staff, but the slippery rodent escaped and returned for another scamper to the delight of the crowd of 10,789. The pesky intruder hung around for another inning before it was shooed into the Indians' center-field bullpen. 

The squirrel perched on a ledge for several minutes before jumping the wall into the Heritage Park monument area.

With less than 11,000 fans at the game, we say the Indians throw a squirrel appreciation day because they could use the ticket sales. 

Now we can thankfully look ahead and say this isn't the last we will see of adorable animals running around the field because they are usually good for a few occurrences per season. 

Now we have to remind you humans out there to please refrain from doing anything similar because that will lead to a far less charming conclusion for everybody involved. 

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