Yasiel Puig May Have Won Tickle Fight with Dodgers BFF Hyun-Jin Ryu

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We really have to go to the judges' cards in what looks to be a coin-flip bout between two heavyweights who know their way around the tickle ring. 

Before the Dodgers and Diamondbacks got things going on Sunday, Yasiel Puig and Hyun-Jin Ryu got into a kerfuffle of the adorable kind, smacking one another, which led to a classic Vin Scully breakdown of the exchange. 

Scully offers, "And of course everybody has fun with Hyun-Jin Ryu, who gets a bat now and goes after Puig and conked him right on top of the head." Scully continues, giving this scrap the color commentary it deserves. "So boys will be boys as Puig pins Ryu up against the bench."

If it seems like things are especially light in the Dodgers dugout, well, that makes sense. The team just completed a weekend sweep of the Diamondbacks and is now 9-4 on the season, sitting atop the NL West. 

Ryu was enjoying a night in the dugout after completing his second win of the season, tossing seven shutout innings of two-hit ball on Friday night

Dodgers fans are used to seeing these two pal around. Back in November, Dodgers Nation spotted a video that showed Puig jokingly call Ryu ugly, which led to the pitcher pointing at the slugger and shouting in retaliation, "You!"

Yahoo! Sports' Mike Oz recounted some of the more memorable moments from the Puig-Ryu tandem over their relatively short tenure as teammates: "Remember when they dressed up as Gumby and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? And their swimming dance? And noogies?"

It seems the first rule of Tickle Fight Club is that you carry on like nobody is watching. These two would give Elvis Andrus and Adrian Beltre a run for their money in a best-buds competition. 

Much like last year, Puig's talent sometimes gets lost amid ongoing media scrutiny. Whether it's showing up late to batting practice or sliding into first, many believe Puig is just a knucklehead. 

Well, this video serves to prove that theory. There are more than a couple of knuckleheads in the Dodgers clubhouse, but the good kind. It seems the crew really enjoys one another's company, and it shows in zany videos like this one. 

You can criticize Puig all you want, but the dugout is as loose and friendly as it gets. A tickle fight breaking out in the dugout before an 8-6 win pretty much provides all the evidence you need to know that this team is having fun. 

And really, that's all this game is about anyway. 

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