Marqueston Huff NFL Draft 2014: Highlights, Scouting Report and More

Ian WhartonContributor IMarch 31, 2014

Wyoming defensive back Marqueston Huff runs a drill at the NFL football scouting combine in Indianapolis, Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)
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Marqueston Huff, S, Wyoming (HT: 5’11⅛”; WT: 196 lbs)

Tennessee Titans (Titans trade 42nd pick to Eagles for 54th and 122nd picks)

Fourth Round: 122nd Pick

Combine Weigh-In
511119631 ⅜"9"
Combine Results
40-yard dash10-yard splitVertBroad3-ConeShuttle



  • Good athlete with experience playing in multiple roles, including deep safety, where he showed good range.
  • He’s fluid enough to turn and run with receivers and tight ends down the seam. As he improves his technique, he can continue to improve his effectiveness downfield.
  • Good distance speed that allowed him to keep opposing offenses from hitting big plays downfield. He was able to play cornerback at the 2014 Senior Bowl because of his athletic ability and make-up speed.
  • Has a lot of experience on special teams. Coaches often require rookies to play special teams as they adjust to the speed of the NFL, and Huff is capable of fulfilling special teams coverage.
  • An efficient and hard-hitting player, he totaled an impressive 127 tackles in 2013. His ability to crash the line of scrimmage from the deep safety position is a valuable skill.
  • Able to rotate to cornerback occasionally because of his quickness. He has to improve a lot to regularly play cornerback, but he can be developed there.
  • Didn’t play with another noteworthy player on the Wyoming defense, so he had to adjust his play. He might be a better fit in an NFL defense.
  • After playing cornerback for three seasons, he willingly changed positions to safety for the team. His relative inexperience will give a position coach the ability to shape and develop him.



  • Although his height isn’t a major concern, he should add some weight to increase durability. He had shoulder issues in 2013 after delivering so many hits.
  • Played against poor competition, and was often the highest rated high school recruit in most games. At the 2014 Senior Bowl, he performed very poorly at cornerback, so he might not be an NFL-caliber player right now.
  • He didn’t have consistent effort, often jogging near the end of plays instead of playing through the whistle.
  • Doesn’t show good instincts or play recognition while playing safety, often getting to the ball very late or reacting to plays slowly. He doesn’t start plays in the right direction, and is too reactive to be an instant impact player in the NFL.
  • Eye-discipline is lacking, as he often fell victim to play-action fakes. His rawness at the position showed throughout 2013.
  • Ball skills aren’t natural, as he plays the receiver more than the ball. He doesn’t look back to locate and play the ball, instead tries to hit the receiver with perfect timing.
  • Plays flat-footed too often, letting receivers get into his body before turning and running; his technique is underdeveloped.

Collegiate Statistics


Personal Notes

  • 2014 NFL Scouting Combine participant
  • 2014 Senior Bowl participant
  • Graduating with a degree in communications
  • Former 3-star recruit from Texarkana, Texas


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Marqueston Huff is a good athlete that is very raw and underdeveloped as a defensive back at this point. He is a project player that could pay off in a few seasons, but there is risk that he never contributes as well. With the ability to play the run, and considering his size, the NFL may convert him to cornerback and work on his technique. With the depth of this NFL draft class, he may not hear his name until the middle of Day 3.


Draft Projection: Fifth Round