Say It Ain't So, Jerry Jones: Dallas Fans, Get Your Umbrellas!

Satchel PageCorrespondent IApril 23, 2008

So I'm feeding my 1-year old son Froot Loops while watching Sportscenter and what do I see to my surprise and utter dismay?  Jerry Jones has agreed to trade our fourth round pick to the Titans for the Fruitiest of Loops, Adam "Make It Rain" Jones, formerly known as Pacman.  The trade also stipulates that if Make it Rain has significant playing time this year, assuming he is reinstated, the Cowboys will also have to give up a draft pick next year.  Now if Jones is not reinstated or does not have significant playing time, we will get a draft pick from Tennessee. 

 Let me say that in the few games that he has played, I have never seen anything special about Adam Jones.  And for all of his off-field shenanigans I don't think whatever he brings inside the white lines is worth the trouble.  Considering our vertical defensive woes from the past two years, I know that the defensive back position is a serious need.  But I would rather take my chances in the draft than dealing with this PR headache.  

This acquisition makes me think of the 1997 NFL Draft.  That's right eleven years ago we had the chance to pick up the most explosive Wide Receiver of this era, Mr. Randy Moss.  However, in an effort to clean up our image, Jerry Jones went into another direction, taking Ebenezer Ekuban in the first round and passing up on Moss. Moss then was drafted by the Vikings and commenced to give us a legendary Thanksgiving beatdown, Kevin Smith in particular.  Now Moss was considered a troublemaker, and obviously to many teams, not worth the risk being picked 24th overall.  Aside from some on-the-field antics and columnist spins and misquotes, Moss has had a Hall of Fame career.  All the while, Adam Jones will only see his bust at the nearest Strip Joint (kaCHING).

Jerry Jones has made some absolutely tremendous moves during his dual tenure as Owner and GM.  The drafting of the 'Big Three", the mega free agent move signing Deion Sanders, and more recently, signing undrafted rookie Tony Romance, and picking up T.O.  But come on Jerry.  If you wanted Pacman that bad we could've bought you an Atari on ebay.  At least we know that one will play right.