Oakland Raiders: Top Five Draft Wishlist

Diego GonzalesContributor IApril 22, 2008


Right about this time of the year, every year, die-hard football fans everywhere are just about sick of listening to who their team might take and why. Sporting websites, radio shows, ESPN and the NFL Network have done their own analyzing and have had their own team of experts look at every possible angle and spew that information over and over and over again and it gets tiring. So for a little change of pace Ive created my wish list of players I'd LIKE my team to draft. Enjoy!


#5. Sedrick Ellis  6'0" 309lbs.

To quote a certain Mr. Antonio Montana "first you get the power, then you get the wins" or was that woman? Anyhow power is what Sedrick Ellis is all about. Lifting weights since he was 15 years old, he put up 510lbs. at his pro day as well at lifting 225lbs. 42 times. Starting slow at USC he eventually blossomed into a disruptive force in the middle. Handling double teams better than Kobe Tai, he won Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Year honors and was named one of Pac-10's Top Ten players by Sports Illustrated. Watching this guys tape I couldn't help but think how impossible it must be to block him. A little undersized, he uses his massive upper body strength to either move you, knock you down or push you into the quarterback and that's bad news for any offense. 


#4. Vernon Gholston 6'3" 266lbs.

Sometimes I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick. That's versatility and that's what my man VerGho is all about. Recruited by Ohio State to play linebacker he quickly showed his prowess at the end position and switched shortly after. Lets see, strength, check, speed, check, pursues the ball, check, sound tackler, check, PLAYS WELL AGAINST THE RUN, CHECK! This kid has more skills than Napoleon Dynamite and would be a huge help in shoring up that run defense, not to mention he'd probably shake a tackle or two out of their cleats before ripping a quarterback head off. Hmm don't see him playing defensive end do you? Well team up Ghoslton's amazing physical ability with Kirk Morrison and Thomas Howard and you may have the NFL's best linebacker trio on the same team as possibly the NFL's best cornerback tandem. That's one nasty defense.


#3. Glenn Dorsey 6'1" 297lbs.

This is how you begin a football career. On his first collegiate snap versus Oregon State, he forced a fumble. Nice start kid. Coming out of high school many considered him one of the top three players recruited from Louisiana. Quickly becoming a leader on the defensive line, he helped the Tigers hold opponents to 91 yards per game his junior year and started every game his senior. He was so good offensive lines failing to double team him, triple teamed him. Seriously. Can you imagine teams having to triple team him in the NFL? It not going to happen but imagine. Whew! What just retired with Mr. Warren Sapp could possibly be replaced by Dorsey. Putting pressure on a quarterback throwing against our corners can result in a lot of turnovers and Dorsey produces tons of it. Still don't take my word for it? How about these guys?

How about now? 


#2. Darren McFadden 6'1" 211lbs.

Now I know what most of you guys are thinking, a running back? We were sixth in rushing last year and that was with four backs, we already have a full load. We dont need another back! Well ladies, McFadden is no normal running back, he's pure speed, power and determination. I lube ball bearing with this guy hes so slick. A phenom at Oak Grove High School, he played running back, fullback, free safety, wide receiver, and quarterback. Basically if you wanted to win you made sure he had the ball or was trying to get it, that's not coachable stuff folks. As a true freshmen in 2005 he ran for 1113 yards and 11 tds, and things only got better after that. By the time he received his diploma he had racked up 4,589 yards kicking rocks and 365 yards catching them, oh and don't forget the 40 td's. However numbers are just that, even Ryan Leaf had impressive college stats. But those who have watched tape of McBadass know what I mean. If he ever fully taps his potential, he has an opportunity to make The Nation ask, Bo who? And that's no joke.


#1. Chris Long 6'3" 272 lbs.

Well here we are at numero uno and if you re still reading then I'm doing what I was hoping to do, entertain. So here's to hoping the stars align and we get a gift from the gods of the gridiron. At number one with a bullet, is none other then the son of the greatest defensive end to ever don the silver and black, Chris Long. Ahhhh where to start? A four sports student at St. Anne's-Bellfield School in Virginia, he played iron-man football and finished high school with 43 sacks and 66 tackles for a loss. In college he practiced against D'Brickashaw Furgeson, finishing his years at Virginia with 187 tackles, 43 for a loss, 22 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, 17 passes broken up and 1 interception. But again, just numbers. In reality he's a '69 Camaro, 383 c.i. Stroker 475hp, with 500 ft/lbs of torque, pure motor. Its not that he's the fastest or the scariest or even the strongest man on the field, its that he may be the smartest. This kid knows football like Halliburton knows money. He understands the importance of footwork and use of his hands when shedding blocks and he has a nose for the football. He's pressuring, tackling, chasing, batting and sacking on every down. This guy NEVER quits on a play, I repeat, this guy NEVER EVER quits on a play. Something rare in a game full of me, me, me players who seek flash and attention, a game where players actually state "I play when I want to play". Chris Long is the epitome of class and talent wrapped up to make the best defensive prospect we've seen in years. Oh and did I mention he's a legacy. If the Raiders end up with Howie's kid, the Raiders are instantly a better team.

Well there's my list, and with the news that the Dolphins signed Jake Long today, my dream draft pick may be coming to fruition. Truth is I'd be completely fine with the Raiders drafting any of these players. Were in a great position in what may be the best defense heavy draft we've had in a long while and have a great pick in number four. Or maybe we go offense and get our answer to LaDainian Tomlinson. Maybe give the Chargers juiced up linebackers something to have nightmares about. Now that would be a dream come true too.