2008 NFL Draft: Who Goes First, Darren McFadden or Brady Quinn?

Scott PauleyAnalyst IApril 20, 2008

Last week, while scrolling the guide on my television, I saw the listing for the 2007 NFL Draft.

Not realizing how benighted I had become in the college football off-season, I hurriedly pressed the select button on my remote, in hopes that I had not missed the first pick.

I sat in my recliner, patiently accepting the fact that it takes an overwhelming amount of time to switch to a channel that is broadcasting in high-definition from one which is standard-definition.

I still had not taken notice of a couple minor details pertaining to the changing of the channel.

Finally, following the protracted interval between HD and SD, I confirmed that I was just in time to hear the Oakland Raiders choose JaMarcus Russell as the No. 1 overall draft pick for 2007.

Have you caught on to my ignorance yet?

It still took me a second or two.

The factor that most helped confirm my then lingering skepticism, was the appearance of the poster child for Crest Whitestrips, Brady Quinn.

I then pressed the little blue button on my TV remote, labeled INFO.

I read again the title of the event, The 2007 NFL Draft.

Yep, I actually thought that I had miss-calculated the number of days remaining before the Draft.

Boy, did I feel like an official from the 2003 Minnesota Vikings.

Being somewhat relieved, I continued to watch, while reminiscing of the worried look on the face of Brady’s girlfriend as he was passed over, time and again.

After reviewing the Radio City Music Hall event for a bit, I began to ponder.

I wonder if the look on Darren McFadden’s face will resemble that of Brady Quinn’s, as he is passed over by the teams who are not looking for another Adam ‘Pac-Man’ Jones.

Mr. McFadden has already proven himself to have the potential to go to jail and he may have more kids calling him daddy, than he knows about.

“Run DMC” may very well be a first-round draft pick, but my guess is he will end up in Dallas.

Isn’t that where they all go after NOT passing “Go” and NOT collecting $200?

Arkansas fans, you might as well prepare yourselves.  He definitely will not be the No. 1 pick.

I have a feeling “The Fad” will last longer than most think.

By the way, did Brady Quinn ever actually get drafted?