Should the 49ers Sign Michael Vick? No Question About It

Kwame Fisher-JonesContributor IIIMay 28, 2009

9 Sep 2001:  Michael Vick #7 of the Atlanta Falcons running away from Andre Carter #96 during the game against the San Francisco 49ers at 3Com Park in San Francisco, Claifornia.  The 49ers defeated the Falcons 16-13.Mandatory Credit: Tom Hauck  /Allsport

The 49ers are engaged in an epic battle of ineptitude at the quarterback position. They will say they have two quarterbacks who can start and play at a high level for their team; however, if you have two quarterbacks then that means you have no quarterbacks, as John Madden once said.

And that is what the 49ers are faced with. They have two solid quarterbacks who could give you nine wins and a permanent place in mediocreville, which is where Super Bowl and NFC championships go to die. It's like the NFL version of Florida but for NFL teams and not old people.

The NFC west is a division that is filled with poor defenses. Starting with the Super Bowl losing Cardinals who gave up 331 yards a game, then the Rams with 371, and lastly the Seahawks with 378. I won't say these defense are ugly I will just say that if they were in high school they would definitely be going to the prom alone. Now how great would it be to add a bonafide weapon that would make a bad defense look worse. A person who could add another three points a game to the final score, ladies and gents introducing Micheal Vick.

Now before you PETA cats put on your Ray Bans, your thong flip-flops, and your extra small khaki shorts and protest in front my house let me say this. Vick was wrong and dogfighting is bad. With that said he served his time and now you and him need to move on. For those of you who say he has not suffered enough, let us look at this from a personal side.

How many of you have spent time in jail and I ain't talking about a holding cell eating cheese sandwiches for the weekend? I mean jail, I mean federal pound me in the (for those of you who have seen Office Space you know the rest) prison, and had to watch you back 24 hours a day. For you parents out there imagine not being able to kiss your daughter's boo boo when she falls or not being able to pat your son on the back when he stuffs his whole plate in his mouth without chewing. Lastly not being able to check on that noise at night that has your wife and children terrified. So don't tell me he has not been punished and do not tell me he has not suffered. Let it go.


What Vick could do for the Niners on the field would be immeasurable, first he would put a true fear into the defense. They would have to respect his running ability, his ability to make passing plays outside of the pocket, and his ability to throw deep. Of all the things Vick was and was not in the Atl you never heard the words "uncoachable" when referring to him, so that should not be a concern. Vernon Davis has yet to be the Pro Bowl tight end that San Francisco envisioned him to be when selecting him sixth overall in the 2006 NFL draft. That would change if Michael Vick is added to this roster based on Vick 's fondness for his tight end, just ask Alge Crumpler. The combination of Micheal Vick, Vernon Davis, and Frank Gore against a division that features three suspect defenses could be something special.

What Vick could do off the field for the Niners would also be immeasurable. There is no such thing as bad publicity and for a team needing a boost locally and nationally this would help. Granted the backlash would be significant from some corners, but if Vick plays well and the team wins then more people would be in his and the 49ers corner then against them. Lastly if the 49ers win there division and make a strong playoff run after being the front page story from coast to coast then what would stop the Yorks from getting a new stadium deal. Number 7's resume suggest that if healthy he will get you at least to the playoffs and for a team and city that has experienced losing in all four of the major sports that would be a welcomed journey.

Coach Singletary is more then equipped to handle the firestorm that would arise if Vick was brought into town. For those of you who question how committed Vick would be, never doubt an athlete who has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Specially one who has to feel like he has been ostracized and demonized by a society that once loved him. With the NFL draft and free agency passed there is no other options left for a team to upgrade a position that is in desperate need of an upgrade.

The tradition of the San Francisco 49ers, Head Coach Mike Singletary, and Steve Young are three reasons why this would not only work but why this move could change the fortunes of this team. The opportunity to work with Young on a delay basis would make Vick a better quarterback. Being faced with the 49ers history of excellence would make Vick a better professional and dealing with Coach Singletary on a daily basis would make Vick a better person.

This organization could use a new face for their franchise, and in these times where people are being forced to rebuild their entire lives overnight who better then a man who has been stripped of everything. Who better then a man left for dead after making a horrendous decision? Who better then a man with everything on the line and chance to start over?