San Francisco 49ers: A Return to Past Glory

Kwame Fisher-JonesContributor IIIMay 27, 2009

MIAMI - DECEMBER 14:  Head coach Mike Singletary of the San Francisco 49ers looks at a replay while taking on the Miami Dolphins at Dolphin Stadium on December 14, 2008 in Miami, Florida. The Dolphins defeated the 49ers 14-9.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

They are a collection of explosive offensive weapons and dynamic defensive players who desperately want to become a championship team. In 2007 the 49ers were expected to make the playoffs and become a consistent playoff contender. 

Well they did not make the playoffs in 2007, nor did they make them in 2008, so out is Head Coach Mike Nolan and in is Mike Singletary. Gone are the expectations of playoffs and that seems to suit Coach Singletary just fine.

For a team whose history is more glamor then grit you would expect too see a bigger personality on the sidelines. A personality that would perhaps be larger then the team itself, but that ain't Coach Singletary. 

The 49ers have been an assortment of high priced ingredients but were missing their Chef. A team that has lacked direction has just found their compass and it is now feasible to discuss playoffs and 49ers again in the same sentence.

Mike Singletary appears to be a low-maintenance guy who believes in god and football, and would never do anything to cheat either. How can you not listen to a man like that?

The Niners were 7-9 last year and finished the season winning four of their last five games, which coincided with the hiring of Head Coach Mike Singletary. Now with a full off-season under the teams belt and a division that has two new head coaches and a Super Bowl loser what can we expect from the Niners this year.

What we can expect is a disciplined team that plays hard each and every play. What we should expect is a team that believes in their system and trusts the player next to them. We can expect this because this is how Coach Singletary played the game.

At the team's first minicamp the Coach brought the team together and informed them they needed to pick up their play, keep in mind this was their first post draft minicamp. This means the field was littered with players who won't be on the opening day roster and then you have the rookies who are just learning where to be on the field.

Yet there was still know room for excuses and subpar play. This is the type of attitude these players need.

For the 49ers to be one of the surprise teams in 2009 they must solidify the quarterback position. This means dropping the belief that it is good to have competition at the quarterback position. The team needs to name its starter and allow the players to follow his lead.

Even with their quarterback struggles the Niners were ranked 13th in league with 211 passing yards per game. However, their running game felt the struggles of the poor quarterback play facing eight and sometimes nine men in the box. Even with a horse like Frank Gore there is only so much he could overcome.

If the 49ers get steady quarterback play they can win nine games, which won there division last year. So look for this so called quarterback battle to end rather quickly and the team to name a starter.

If you combine solid quarterback play, a solid running game, a solid defense, with a solid head coach you have the makings of solid team. Which, in a division that is the poster child for unpredictable, solid may be just enough to win the NFC West and make a return trip to the playoffs.