Guy Videobombs ESPN's 'Baseball Tonight,' Pours Dr. Pepper All over His Body

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterOctober 24, 2013

Is this guy a baseball fan? Maybe. Is pouring soda on your body still funny? Definitely.

Game 1 of the World Series went to the Boston Red Sox 8-1, but "Most Inane Fan Moment" goes to a guy who poured sweet, peppery corn syrup all over his body behind the set of ESPN’s Baseball Tonight.

The videobombing occurred outside Fenway Park on Wednesday night when a man climbed up behind ESPN’s John Kruk, whipped his Dr. Pepper shirt off and began drenching himself in a unique blend of 23 flavors.

The moment was captured by Deadspin's Timothy Burke, and it was spun into a GIF that will pull a number of strong and conflicting emotions from you.

The first feeling you’re likely experiencing is "LOL"—your body’s natural response to seeing a grown man dowse his body in carbonated sugar water. Mind you, he’s not cascading his body in Dr. Pepper—that’s what Coca Cola fans do. There’s a difference.

The second emotion you may feel is "WTF." Again, this is natural. It’s not every day you get to see Justin Long’s little brother videobomb John Kruk on national television.

The third feeling is deja vu. You’ve seen something like this before, but where

Well, if you were watching College GameDay at Clemson this past weekend, you probably saw a similar stunt performed by a Clemson bro.

Which is more beautiful? You have to go with Captain Clemson. 

Sure, Dr. Pepper is more brazen, but odds are he's an intern or a paid weirdo perpetrating another viral marketing ploy—a ploy that’s working, mind you.

Who wears a Dr. Pepper shirt to a Boston game and then pours Dr. Pepper on their face as if their eyes know where the enriched uranium is? Guerrilla marketers, that's who.

Now that we’ve exposed this facade and protected the sanctity of honest videobombers, the stunt was still pretty funny. 

Just enjoy it.


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