Best GIFs from Sunday NFL Week 7

Best GIFs from Sunday NFL Week 7

Another Sunday of the 2013 NFL season is complete, and it didn't disappoint.

Here are the best GIFs from an entertaining day in Week 7.

Alex Smith Doesn't Fake to Anyone, Still Scores

The Look in Colin Kaepernick's Eyes Say It All

Triple Coverage Doesn't Work on Megatron

Wes Welker Ponders Things

The Latest Freakout by Jim Harbaugh

Kenny Britt Had a Little Freakout Too

A Punter Gives Us the Hit of the Week

Peyton Manning Acknowledges the Standing Ovation from the Fans in Indy

Just a Little Bit Offsides, Troy

Andy Reid as the Kool-Aid Man (via @sbnation, @LSUFreek)

Geno Smith Had Some Spiking Issues

Justin Blackmon Takes out a Security Guard

Refs Making It Rain (via Buzzfeed)