Panthers DE Greg Hardy Says He Would 'Dominate' LeBron James in 1-on-1

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Panthers DE Greg Hardy Says He Would 'Dominate' LeBron James in 1-on-1

Dreaming can be fun, right?

You go to sleep and drift off into a world where you and your childhood babysitter are saving Earth from alien space kittens. It’s a good time, but it doesn’t last—because your alarm goes off and you wake up.

It would appear that Greg Hardy has yet wake up from his crazy dreams, judging by an interview the Carolina Panthers defensive end gave to Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer. 

Jones recently sat down with Hardy, and noting the camouflage Miami Heat hat on his head, decided to throw out a fairytale/dream scenario: “If you went 1-on-1 with LeBron [James] who would win?” 


“I would dominate that dude,” Hardy said. “Hands down, guaranteed win. And that’s my favorite player.”

Why does Hardy think he’d beat LeBron?

“I’m a beast,” Hardy said.

Jones went on to point out that this LeBron fellow is known to be a bit of a beast himself on the hardwood. That didn’t bother Hardy.

“Everyone says he can go to the NFL and play defensive end, who says I can’t go to the NBA?”

Hmm...interesting point. He may be a dreamer, but Hardy does have a basketball background (he played basketball at Ole Miss). He also has a nice vertical, as he was quick to mention to Jones.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

“I got drastic hops. I feel I have a lot of the same tools he has and it would come down to who was the better basketball player.”

At 6’4”, 290 pounds, Hardy recognized he would be giving up some size to LeBron—but it’s not like he said dominating the best player in basketball would be easy. 

“It would be a tight game. I’m not saying I would dominate him. That was a joke. I feel like I’d definitely win,” Hardy said. “I think it’d be two dominant athletes playing and I’d come out on top.”

Well, you can’t fault Hardy for a lack of confidence, but there’s a world of difference between the stuff you can do in your dreams and what you’re capable of after waking up.

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