SNL's Jay Pharoah Tackles Shannon Sharpe Impression, and It's Hilarious

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 7, 2013

Photo Credit: NBC (via Hulu)
Photo Credit: NBC (via Hulu)

Sufferin' succotash, this is good. 

SportsGrid spotted one of the few skits from this weekend's Saturday Night Live that, strangely, didn't have anything to do with Miley Cyrus

Instead, this video features a character we should all be familiar with. Here is Shannon Sharpe, according to the always hilarious Jay Pharoah:

The former NFL star turned CBS analyst is passionate, animated and, well, just watch:

Say what you want, but you can't take your eyes off Sharpe when he's on television. Good or bad, he is certainly captivating. 

Now, take that one little speech and turn it up to 11—that's what you get when Pharoah is on impersonation duties. 

Does Sharpe lick his lips every two seconds or offer ridiculous hypotheticals every five? We have no clue, because we become so mesmerized anytime he speaks that we lose track of time and space.

But we are certainly glad Pharoah is here to remind us of Sharpe's more memorable idiosyncrasies—in a much more exaggerated and hilarious manner, of course. 

As for this SNL marvel, I will always endorse Pharoah getting utilized more on the show. For those not familiar with his comedic stylings, here is his take on ESPN talking head Stephen A. Smith:

We give Smith a hard time, but he is certainly a good sport when it comes to seeing a comedian tackle every last wild inflection and absurd statement. 

We now wait to see what Sharpe thinks of Pharoah's take on him. And we also assume Pharoah is now ready to take over SNL one hilarious impression at a time. 


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