Derrick Burgess to New England?

Gil BecerraCorrespondent IMay 19, 2009 reports that the Patriots are interested in getting Burgess

ESPN has it on their rumors page and has reported this also.

Burgess is going into the last year of his deal. He has had injury problems the last couple years and hasn't been as effective. He still has something in the tank.

The thing is, it's very unlikely that he'd stay with the Raiders. He's due $2 million this year.

I wrote an article yesterday regarding the Raiders eliminating a cancer in DeAngelo Hall this past year.

Looks like there might be a piece that wasn't attended to. During the teams first mini-camps, Derrick Burgess was suffering from "stomach flu."

That kept him from competing with the other guys. He'd been seen from a distance. He didn't really interact with the younger guys and just watched.

I know we gave the Patriots Randy Moss, but this deal looks much better for the Raiders. They're rumored to receive a second or third round pick for Burgess.

If Burgess isn't going to help the youngsters improve, get him out of here. There's a new feel in Oakland.

Burgess got here in 2005 and did damn well. He holds the Raiders record for most sacks in a season with 16. Keep in mind, he had Warren Sapp and Ted Washington literally clogging up space next to him. We had Kerry Collins at the QB spot with Norv Turner as our head coach.

Lets move up another year, 2006.

Aaron Brooks getting killed on Monday Night Football to start the year against the Chargers. Brooks was then replaced by Andrew Walter during our horrid Art Shell year. Burgess was able to get 11 sacks with Tommy Kelly and Warren Sapp clogging up the middle.

The next year, 2007, Lane Kiffin comes through the door with JaMarcus Russell having his hold out. Josh McCown started, only to get replaced with Daunte Culpepper and the finally our current starter, JaMarcus Russell. This year he only record eight sacks in 14 games played.

What's my point?

Derrick Burgess has seen a lot of crap happen during his stay in Oakland.

We've shredded through head coaches, had over half a dozen starting QB's, veterans released along with crazy signings. This man saw everyone weasel their way out of town to get into better situations. He feels he can do the same thing. He can get the job done but doesn't want to.

The Raiders have a young stud in Trevor Scott who should start so he can develop.

On the other side we have Jay Richardson who has the "H-W-S" Al Davis loves. Richardson has been a little slow at developing.

The Raiders were able to draft Matt Shaughnessy (third rounder) and Stryker Sulak (sixth rounder) to compete at the DE spot. Derrick Grey and Greyson Gunheim are second year players who'll get more snaps slowly.

That along with our four DT's on the roster and UFA Desmond Bryant would make up for the slack. Nothing like game snaps to help these young guys improve.

That second/third round pick in next years draft will be huge since it's been said across the board that 2010 will be a deep draft.

I hope this deal goes down, let the Raiders finish the house cleaning going into OTA's this week.