The Oakland Raiders Removed a Cancer

Gil BecerraCorrespondent IMay 18, 2009

I was one of the many people extremely excited when the Oakland Raiders traded for DeAngelo Hall last year. The Raiders only gave up a second round and a fifth round draft pick for a two time Pro Bowler. Hall was a solid cornerback who did well mainly in zone coverage. Which allowed him to move around and make plays.

However, the Raiders rarely ever played in zone coverage. The Raiders defense has always established itself to play Man to Man on the corners with our pressure coming from the defensive front.

Hall mentioned that himself and Nnamdi Asomugha are the best duo in Football. On paper that may have been case. Nnamdi held his end of the bargain, though Hall did not. 


Hall repeatedly got burned. He let Eddie Royal, a rookie receiver for the Bronco's, just beat him during Monday Night Football opener at home. Royal made a name for himself by collecting nine receptions for a 146 yards with a one touchdown in first game.

The occurrence during that game was only the beginning to shameless display of his continuous poor defense. 

The man hosted a bunch of his former teammates from the Falcons the night prior to the Raiders home game against Atlanta on November 2. 

Michael Jenkins burned him down the sideline for a easy touchdown in the 1st quarter. All Hall did was throw his hands up as if he were bumped, when he was not. Leaving a question. Was Hall trying to help his former teammates improve their stats? This was one of the moments that made Raider fans think. WTF?

Al Davis must have thought the same thing and gave this man his walking papers. A year into his six year $70 million dollar deal, scratch that in eight games into this deal. Something that is hardly ever done. 

Davis was right on the same boat as Lane Kiffin. He mentioned they were close. They both just didn't care. Guys like Kiffin, Hall and Gibril Wilson all didn't want to be here and are no longer here. Kiffin and Hall were taken out early with Wilson getting his walking papers at the after the season when he refused to restructure his deal.

When people want to know what Al Davis did in order to improve the team this year, it started last year. Removing DeAngelo Hall and his "I don't care" attitude was huge. love along with Kiffin. Forget the $8 million he received, that will be replaced.

What would have hurt more is infecting the other minds of talented players on the team like Chris Johnson, Stanford Routt, Michael Huff, Hiram Eugene, Tyvon Branch, Justin Miller and others. These defense players  are still around want to be in Oakland and play for the silver and black.

Nnamdi Asomugha and Shane Lechler, who are "gigantic" pieces, decided to stay. Sure they were paid a nice sum but they see what's going on. Guys like Hall are the reason this off-season was different. This team has hung their hat on getting high character guys withgood work ethic along with a team attitude.

When people bash the Raiders for taking young talented player like Darrius Heyward-Bey (DHB) and Michael Mitchell, they need to think twice. We were burned by Charles Woodson, Randy Moss, and DeAngelo Hall during these past few years. All talented players that for various reasons did not work here. Actually mainly due to attitude.

DHB and Mitchell will never be in that class due to their character. They have received talent players that will work will great values minus the attitudes. Hence, Michael Crabtree not getting selected in the draft. 

Hall also mentions that Al Davis had no information on Tom Cable at the Press Conference when he was named the interim head coach. I figure that if this were to be true, there were a few dozen people in the room and someone would have reported this.

What does Raider Nation think Hall punk attitude and recent remarks?