Oakland A's Win the 'Who Can Make Rookies Look Most Ridiculous' Award

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 26, 2013

Photo Credit: Jane Lee
Photo Credit: Jane Lee

Hazing rookies is an ugly business. For the Win came across a few tweets showing off the beauty and grandeur that is MLB rookies being forced to dress up in utterly ridiculous clothes. 

As noted, making rookies dress up or down to ridicule them is just what baseball players do. The Tampa Bay Rays forced their rookies to dress like women and sing "Call Me Maybe" last season. 

Well, the AL West-winning Oakland A's tried their hands at embarrassing their youth and didn't disappoint. 

A's beat writer Jane Lee tweeted out some stunning images of the group, including one of Dan Straily—a key cog in the 2013 rotation—dressed up as Wolverine, which should have Hugh Jackman a little nervous. 

First baseman Nate Freiman was rocking the Marge Simpson look.

Here are some Batman and Mortal Kombat fare, including Dan Otero wearing clothes far too bright and tight for anyone's good.

Mileena never looked so awful. 

We don't know what Otero did to deserve such an outfit, but he clearly wins the battle of ridiculous costumes. I would also like to lend some applause to Sonny Gray, whose Robin manages to best Chris O'Donnell's turn as the Boy Wonder. 

As for the rest of MLB, the Angels made their rookies go full water polo for fans, via Marcia Smith of the Orange County Register.

And the San Francisco Giants demanded their young guys take it off and act like naked cowboys during a recent trip through New York, via George Kontos

If there were such a hazing award, we would have to give it to the A's, who seemed to have raided the nearest Halloween store. 

Now, if you happen to see anyone strange during the final few days of the season, relax; it may just be a collection of MLB rookies. 


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