Calvin Johnson Stars in New 'This Is SportsCenter' Commercial

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Another month, another glorious SportsCenter commercial for fans to feast upon.

ESPN’s newest “This is SportsCenter” commercial stars Calvin Johnson, who makes quick use of his abilities as “Megatron” to get out of work around the office. The commercial starts with Johnson shooting the breeze with ESPN’s Stuart Scott. 

The conversation begins as a typical office chat by the water cooler for ESPN employees: So-and-so is messy, doesn’t clean up his desk and has a troubling amount of bobbleheads in his workspace.

Things take a turn for the awesome, however, when anchor Kevin Negandhi comes looking for the Detroit Lions’ star receiver. Megatron doesn't want to be found and tells Scott to cover for him before transforming into a vending machine. Problem solved.

If only we all could channel our inner Transformer to avoid awkward situations. Your mother-in-law shows up at the door? Boom—you’re a toaster. Boss is trying to find you so he can ask if you can “come in on Saturday?” Whammy—you’re an old-fashioned popcorn popper.

Who brought in this antique popcorn machine? I don’t know, but popcorn is delicious and you’re not down with working weekends. That’s called a “win-win.”

All joking aside, this is a timely and entertaining commercial. Johnson is a highly likable character, and between this SportsCenter spot and his new Nike ad campaign with Diddy, you’ll likely be seeing more of him than ever throughout the 2013-14 season.

The real question is, will we be seeing Megatron’s crowning season on the field this year? He’s off to a rocky start, largely in thanks to referees employing the Calvin Johnson Rule and negating a first-quarter touchdown catch he made against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

Johnson’s fans know not to worry, however. A player like Megatron can transform from a Week 1 heartbreaker into a Week 2 hero in the blink of an eye.


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