Congratulations, Red Sox, Your Beer Is Most Expensive in MLB

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 29, 2013

The price of beer at Fenway Park may just drive you to drink. 

Team Marketing Report compiled the average prices of beer throughout Major League Baseball stadiums and sorted them out in a beautiful infographic with vibrant colors and everything. 

It's really great. 

First off, For the Win also picked up on this beautiful and informative compilation, but they note The Washington Post once questioned the manner in which Team Marketing Report compiled and decided on their results. 

Unfortunately, the initial report from TMR merely explains, "Prices based on each team's average beer cost, as reported in Team Marketing Report's 2013 Fan Cost Index."

All this means is we will take this report on delicious hops-infused beverages with a healthy grain of salt. 

Now, some might not be shocked to learn Fenway is in the upper echelons of beer prices, but I find it rather unfortunate the Cubs, Blue Jays and Mets are in the top 10. You would think those teams might at least cut their fans a little bit of slack at the concession stands. 

Then again, the product on the field might make them the most profitable in baseball when it comes to fans chugging beer. Here is how I imagine Cubs fans drink beer in the stands.


(GIF credit:

What does make tremendous sense is the price per ounce in Los Angeles (ahem, Anaheim). You only need to make it rain roughly a quarter per ounce to get some suds and watch the Halos underperform. 

Back in 2003, CNN Money reported one of the first acts by owner Arte Moreno was to slash premium draft beer prices for the fans, from $8 to $6.75. 

Now we are getting down to a reasonably priced beer. Although, it's ridiculous to consider anything at a baseball game "reasonably priced."

If we could somehow get the price of a simple hot dog down, we might really have something here. 


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