Matt Forte Stars in Hilarious Take on 'Hard Knocks' and Fantasy Football

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 28, 2013

It just got real in fantasy football. 

The Onion released the first episode of a series entitled Tough Season, which follows a fictitious fantasy football manager named Brad Blevins. It's everything you have come to expect from the satirical website with a heaping dose of HBO's Hard Knocks thrown in. 

This particular episode starts with Blevins looking at some stats provided by Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte, and he is disgusted. 

Hilariously, Forte is in the room and quickly finds out he has been axed from the team. 

The skit takes off from there and shows how Blevins has been on the outside looking in each and every fantasy football season, mandated to do the silly watermelon dance to the delight of his friends. 

Not this year—a mantra Blevins undoubtedly offers each year, and one that is shared by so many who play fantasy in the real world. 

You might notice Blevins state Lenovo is sponsoring the series. I guess we should thank it for future hilarity along with cameos from the likes of Andrew LuckLarry Fitzgerald, Mason Crosby and Alfred Morris

It will also give one lucky fan the chance to pick a side for the 2014 Pro Bowl. You can get started by entering the Fantasy Coach of the Year contest at

When marathon sessions of watching The League won't suffice, we now have Tough Season to look forward to. 

Fantasy football leagues are in full swing with war rooms taking place where tranquil living rooms once stood. Friends will become enemies and kickers will deliver the usual amount of frustration. 

It's about to go down. 


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