Some Random Things We Learned from Adrian Peterson's Reddit AMA

Kenny DorsetDirector of Social MediaAugust 20, 2013

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is the latest NFL player to enter the world of Reddit and hold an "Ask Me Anything," also known as an AMA. 

Here's some of the more random things we learned from Peterson's AMA:

He prefers the nickname AD.

AD says the best rookie RB in the NFL this season is Eddie Lacy

Giants defensive tackle Shaun Rogers is the hardest hitting defensive player, but no one really got a good shot on him last year.

He drives a BMW 760.

He compared reporters to Sour Patch Kids and puts a little extra into his grip when he shakes their hands.

He would have wanted to be drafted by the Texans if the Vikings didn't draft him. 

He called out Percy Harvin for not answering his phone. 

He prefers PlayStation over Xbox. 

Outside of himself, he names Arian Foster, Marshawn Lynch, Chris Johnson and Frank Gore as the best running backs in the league. 

His favorite NFL player is Barry Sanders.

His hobbies include Call of Duty.

Jared Allen once came to a meeting in a speedo and a cowboy hat.

Be sure to check out Reddit for the rest of AD's answers.