HBO Bengals 'Hard Knocks' Teaser Will Transport You from Sports Boredom

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Seeing as how a major portion of the sports world is busy twiddling its collective thumbs and waiting for the NFL to arrive, you might as well take a gander at the new Hard Knocks teaser HBO released. 

Spotted over at Sports Grid by Ricky Boebel, the teaser is almost a minute full of football action explaining what we might expect from this season of the hit show. 

Obviously, most football fans with the premium channel already know exactly what will take place during five weeks of veterans and rookies battling for positions on the team. 

Maybe it's just the lazy days of summer or the nadir of the sports calendar that has me down, but the teaser didn't exactly punch me in the stomach with the hard fist of enthusiasm like I thought it would. 

I am sure a wealth of football fans will geek out over shots of the Bengals hitting bags and Marvin Lewis talking about his football team evolving into a football team (perhaps the network is reaching this season?). 

Even the voice-over guy sounds like he delivered this right before or immediately after taking an afternoon nap. 

For me, it's just a reminder that we have a couple of weeks until the show returns and several weeks after that until real football is played. 

In effect, it's like getting all excited about weekend plans only to remember it's Tuesday. Well, thanks for reminding me it's Tuesday, HBO. 

CBS Sports' Will Brinson reported on the upcoming season back in June, when an ecstatic Lewis remarked on his team's return to the show:

The feedback we got from our experience with Hard Knocks in 2009 was outstanding. Our fans enjoyed it tremendously and we're happy to try and provide that same experience again. Our fans love the NFL, and they enjoy seeing things they don't normally get to see. We have some outstanding men, both as players and as people.

The Bengals return to HBO's Hard Knocks on Tuesday, Aug. 6 at 10 p.m. EDT. Please wait until then to lose your football minds. 


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